How To Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing And Not loading Properly On iPhone 8 Plus

Apps problems such as random crashes, freezes, sluggishness, and loading errors are usually triggered by bugs and malware. Any of these symptoms can occur to any apps even the ones that are deemed sturdy. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue on the popular Snapchat app that keeps crashing or not working properly on the iPhone 8 Plus handset. Read on to find out what could have caused Snapchat to act up and what must be done in order to fix it.

How to troubleshoot iPhone 8 Plus with Snapchat that keeps crashing

Before you troubleshoot the app, make sure that your iPhone has stable Internet connection. Also check and ensure that your phone has ample of storage space. Memory issues like insufficient memory can also cause apps to crash or fail to load properly. While this isn’t likely the case given that what you’ve got is a new device, it doesn’t hurt to check the current memory status of your iPhone just to rule memory problem out from the underlying causes. After confirming that the Internet and memory of your iPhone are all good, you can continue to troubleshoot Snapchat with these workarounds.

First solution: Clear backgrounds apps and Snapchat

When background apps get corrupted, there is a tendency that other apps get affected. Background apps are the apps you’ve used recently but not closed. They’re in standby mode and still using up memory space and battery life. To make sure none of these apps had caused conflict with Snapchat, clear or force close all background apps on your iPhone 8 Plus including Snapchat.  Here’s how:

  1. Press the Home button twice quickly. Doing so will open a new screen containing a list of all recently used apps. These apps are still open and running in the background.
  2. Find the Snapchat app and then swipe up on it.
  3. You can also clear any other background apps by swiping up on individual apps. Doing so will prevent them from causing troubles to other apps especially when they crash.

After clearing the app, perform a soft reset or simply restart your iPhone 8 Plus. Doing so will refresh the system and clear the internal memory for better and smoother performance. For starters, here’s how to soft reset/restart an iPhone 8 Plus:

  1. Press the Power button for a few seconds until the Slide to Power Off button appears.
  2. Drag the slider to the right to shut your phone down.
  3. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Power button again until the Apple logo appears.

Allow your device to finish booting up then launch the Snapchat app again to see if the problem is fixed. If the app is still acting up or crashing, move on to the next applicable solution.

Second solution: Restart your Internet connection

Intermittent Wi-Fi Internet connection is also among the possible reasons as to why online apps become unstable or couldn’t get to load as they should. Online apps, including Snapchat require Internet access to sync with the main server. If the connection keeps dropping, there’s a higher chance for errors to occur because the app couldn’t establish a stable connection with the main server. To rule this out, you can restart Wi-Fi internet on your device.

There are many ways to restart Wi-Fi Internet connection on your iPhone. You can do so by toggling the Wi-Fi switch off and on or by enabling Airplane mode shortly then disabling it again.

  1. To turn Wi-Fi off or on, go to Settings-> Wi-Fi menu, then tap the switch to turn Wi-Fi off. After a few seconds, tap the switch to turn Wi-Fi on again.
  2. To enable or disable Airplane mode, go to Settings-> Airplane mode menu, then tap the switch to turn the feature on shortly, and tap to turn it off again.

Both features can also be accessed and managed through the Control Center. Just launch the Control Center then tap the Wi-Fi icon or Airplane Mode icon to turn off or on accordingly. Try and see if that will fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, then try the next workaround.

Third solution: Install app updates, if available

App updates can be the key solution if the problem is due to some bugs or malware. Updates usually embed fix patches to get rid of any bugs and malicious software that caused errors to occur. To manually check for and install pending app updates particularly Snapchat update, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the App Store icon from the Home screen.
  2. While on the App Store main screen, tap the Updates icon at the bottom right. A list of apps with pending updates then populates.
  3. Tap Update next to Snapchat to update the app.
  4. If multiple app updates are available, then you can tap the Update All button to install all app updates simultaneously.

Once you’re done installing app updates, restart your iPhone to apply the recent changes and refresh iOS. When it’s finished booting up, launch Snapchat and see how it works this time. If the problem persists, try updating iOS instead.

Fourth solution: Update your iPhone software to the latest version available

System bugs can also cause apps to go rogue at some point. When this happens, the app may not be able to load properly or suddenly becomes unstable. In this case, installing system update can help. System updates or iOS updates also contain bug fixes or fix patches to address device issues that are attributed to  malware and complex bugs. This is why keeping your iPhone software up to date is recommended.

To check for new update on your iPhone 8 Plus, go to Settings-> General-> Software Update menu.

An update notification should show up if a new iOS version is available for your device. And if there is, back up all your important data then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install new update via over-the-air.

You can also check for and install new iOS update for your iPhone 8 Plus through iTunes. To get this done, you will need to use a Windows PC or Mac computer with later OS versions and latest iTunes software installed.

Fifth solution: Uninstall Snapchat then reinstall it

Snapchat might have been totally corrupted and therefore, dysfunctional. Should this be the case, you have no choice but to delete the app from your iPhone and then reinstall it. Here’s what you should do then.

  1. To uninstall the Snapchat app on your iPhone 8 Plus, press and hold any icon from the Home screen. When the app icons start to wiggle, tap the X in the upper-left corner of the Snapchat app icon.
  2. When you see the pop-up message that says, “Delete Snapchat?,” just tap Delete to confirm.

After you have successfully deleted/uninstalled the Snapchat app, reboot your iPhone then follow these steps to reinstall the app:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. While on the App Store main screen, tap the Search icon (magnifying glass).
  3. Navigate to the Search tab and then type Snapchat in the search bar.
  4. Find and select the Snapchat app from the search results.
  5. To download the app, tap Get and Install. You may need to enter your Apple ID password to authorize and confirm app download and installation.

Wait until the new Snapchat app is successfully installed then reboot your iPhone 8 Plus. The app should be working fine already.

Seek more help

Snapchat Support is always open to further assist you in resolving the issue you have with the Snapchat app on your iPhone 8 Plus. You can visit the official Snapchat site or reach out to Snapchat support via Twitter to get help in fixing the app.

Alternatively, you can contact Apple Support to report the issue since it has instigated from an iOS update. You can ask for any other options and/or temporary solutions then.

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