Smartphones that make good Christmas presents

Many are still thinking of good presents for their friends, relatives, and even for themselves. Christmas is fast approaching but they are yet to decide. To make things a little easier for you, consider buying smartphones as one of your options. It would be a perfect gift anyone would wish to receive this Christmas and you can rest assured they would always be appreciated.

One of the advantages in choosing smartphones are presents for Christmas is that there are thousands of brands and models available in the market. There is Apple’s iPhone which is still the number one choice in Australia. Samsung Galaxy S III is also among excellent handsets that gained a rapid growth rate in the market, and the new devices running the newly-introduced Windows Phone 8 OS from Microsoft.

If you are looking at buying high-end smartphones to be given away, the following are your best bet.

Apple iPhone 5. It is the lightest and thinnest among iPhones and comes packed with a larger display. If your budget allows you buy one of these to be given to a very special person, don’t think twice. This is the kind of present that almost everyone wishes to receive as gift this Christmas. Its price ranges from $735 to $800.

Samsung Galaxy S III. This user-friendly handset still stands proud being one of the most appealing smartphones this year. Aside from its really high hardware specs, it comes with an intelligent personal assistant, eye-tracking technology and hundreds of other features that couldn’t be found in other smartphones. The unlocked version is currently being offered at Amazon for $570.

Nokia Lumia 920. This smartphone features a more compelling camera with its impressive display. Photography enthusiasts as well as Windows Phone lovers would love to have this device in their inventory. It has its own unique features and it is currently listed on Amazon for $340; an amount anyone can afford especially if it’s for someone specia.

Google Nexus 4. If you have a friend who is a tech enthusiast or an Android lover, this device can surely make an appeal as it comes with the latest version of Android—Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The 8GB variant is currently listed for $535 at Amazon.

Motorola Droid RAZR M.  This compact yet powerful Android smartphone offers a whole bunch of benefits aside from being budget-friendly. With its dual-core processor and 1GB RAM make this device stands out from its competition. Verizon Wireless currently offers this device for $0.01 with a 2-year contract. So, if you don’t mind having to sign an agreement with Verizon and not into buying high-end devices, this smartphone may just be perfect.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC Windows Phone 8X and Motorola RAZR HD are smartphones that feature 4G connectivity. They might come in handy for people who are surfing the web more often. They, too, are great gifts for Christmas.

People who might be on a tight budget still have a lot of options as there are hundreds of budget-friendly smartphones available in the market today. The Huawei Ascend G300, HTC Desire X and Huawei Ascend Y100 are among your good choices.