How to Share iPhone Calendar with an Android Device

If you use an iPhone but have colleagues, friends, or family members that use Android devices, you can still easily share your iPhone calendar with them. Syncing calendars between iPhone and Android allows everyone to stay up-to-date on events and schedules. Here are some quick ways to make your iPhone calendar accessible on Android devices.

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1st Method: Use iCloud Calendar Sharing

The simplest method is to share your iCloud Calendar: 

1. On your iPhone, open the Calendar app and tap the calendars you want to share at the bottom.

2. Tap the Add Person icon (+). Enter the email address of the Android user.

3. Choose the access permissions: Free Busy (only availability), See All Events, or Make Changes.

4. The Android user checks their email and taps the invite link to accept the share.

5. On their Android device, they sign in to the same iCloud account used for the share. The shared iPhone calendars will sync.

This leverages your iCloud account to share calendar access across devices seamlessly. Shared calendars stay automatically synced.

2nd Method: Export and Email the ICS File

You can export your iPhone calendar as an ICS file and email it:

1. On your iPhone, open the Calendar app and tap the Calendars tab at the bottom.

2. Tap Export Calendars. Choose which calendars you want to export.

3. Tap Export. The ICS file will be emailed to you.

4. Forward this email to the Android user. 

5. They open the ICS attachment and import it into their Android calendar app.

While a manual process, it transfers your calendar details in a universal file format.

3rd Method: Sync Through Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar on your iPhone, you can share the following:

1. In the Google Calendar iOS app, tap the 3-line Menu > Settings > Share with others.

2. Enter the other person’s Google account email and share access. 

3. On their Android device, open Google Calendar and sign into their account.

4. Your shared Google calendar will appear under Other Calendars and stay synced.

This option works great when both parties use Google Calendar.

4th Method: Use a Cross-Platform Sync Service

For advanced syncing, use a third-party service like This lets you:

1. Install the app on both devices. 

2. Choose which iPhone calendars to share.

3. Sync them to a linked account.

4. The Android user logs into the same account in their app.

5. Your shared calendars will appear on their device, and sync changes both ways.

This unified approach keeps everything seamlessly synced over the air.

Make Your Calendar Public

You can also make your calendar public and share the link:

1. In iPhone Calendar, tap the Calendar you want to share > Make Public.

2. Tap Share Link and choose how much detail is visible. 

3. Copy the public link. 

4. Send the link to your Android user. They can view your Calendar in any web browser.

While less interactive, it offers a quick way to share calendar details.

You have several great options to choose from when it comes to sharing your iPhone calendar with Android owners. Pick the method that works best based on your and their calendar platforms.

Sharing iPhone Calendar with an Android Device FAQs

  1. Q: How can I share my iPhone calendar with my wife’s Android phone?

    A: If you use iCloud Calendar, go into the iPhone Calendar app, tap the Calendar you want to share, tap Add Person, and enter your wife’s email address. She’ll get an invite to accept the shared Calendar on her Android device.

  2. Q: What’s the easiest way to share my iPhone calendar if we both use Google Calendar?

    A: Open the Google Calendar app on your iPhone, go to Settings > Share with others, and enter your wife’s Google account email. She can access the shared Calendar by signing in to Google Calendar on her Android.

  3. Q: Can I export my iPhone calendar and send it to my husband’s Android phone?

    A: Yes, in Calendar on your iPhone, tap Calendars > Export Calendars to create an ICS file. Email him this ICS file, which he can then import into his Android calendar.

  4. Q: Is there an automated way to sync my iPhone calendar to my daughter’s Android phone?

    A: Use a cross-platform syncing service like Install the app on both devices, link them to a shared account, and choose which iPhone calendars to share.

  5. Q: Can I make my iPhone calendar public to share with my Android-using coworkers?

    A: Yes, in the iPhone Calendar app, tap the Calendar and select Make Public. Choose share options, copy the public link, and send that link to your coworkers. They can view the Calendar in a web browser.

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