How to Set Up a Passcode on iPhone 13 | Passcode Screen Unlock

It is imperative that you set up a passcode on your iPhone 13 the moment you got it because it will literally protect your device as well as your data in it.

The passcode will always be a backup security for your device. You will be able to use biometrics security like fingerprint and Face ID but aside from those, it will be necessary to have a passcode just in case biometrics don’t work.

Aside from unlocking the screen, there are also other instances when your iPhone will require a passcode.

A passcode is needed to update your device software, when performing resets, changing or viewing the passcode settings, installing iOS profiles and more.

If you haven’t set up a passcode on your iPhone 13 during the initial setup and are wondering how to get this done, I’ve mapped out a simple guide for you to follow below:

Easy Steps to Set Up a Passcode on your iPhone 13

Setting up security locks on iPhone 13 is pretty straightforward. In fact, you will be able to secure your device in under a minute. So follow these easy steps to set up a passcode on your iPhone:

Step 1: To get started, go back to your iPhone’s Home screen.

iphone 13 call forwarding 1

On this screen, you will see different icons and shortcut controls to pre-installed and downloaded apps.

Step 2: Find and tap Settings to proceed.

change wallpaper on iphone 13 1

The main settings menu opens next. Here, you will see a list of all basic and advanced iOS features you can manage and utilize.

Step 3: Look for and tap Face ID and Passcode to continue.

set up passcode on iphone 13 1

The Face ID and Passcode menu will launch.

Step 4: Tap Turn Passcode On.

set up passcode on iphone 13 2

You will then be asked to enter your six digit passcode.

Step 5: Now enter your six digit passcode.

set up passcode on iphone 13 3

Make sure that you can easily remember the code.

Step 6: Re-enter the same passcode to verify it.

set up passcode on iphone 13 4

The phone will then create and save the passcode.

Step 7: If prompted, enter your Apple ID password to confirm and then tap Sign In on the top-right corner.

Wait for your iPhone 13 to finish setting up the security.

Once done, you’ll be routed back to the Face ID and Passcode menu. From there, you should see that the passcode is already enabled.

If you want to change it, simply tap Change Passcode option from the main settings menu and then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to replace the existing passcode with a new one.

To test if your new passcode works, lock and then unlock your Apple iPhone 13 screen, and then enter the Passcode.

If you can get into the Home screen, then it worked, otherwise, you have to double-check the code to know if you’ve entered the correct one.

Should you forget the passcode and can’t get into your device, you have to restore it through Recovery mode, or seek help from the tech.

And that’s how you set up the passcode on your iPhone 13.

We hope that this simple tutorial can help you one way or the other.