Why you want to send your iPhone 8 with damaged screen to Apple only

One of the most common problems encountered by iPhone 8 users is damaged screen. This usually happens after dropping or physically impacting the device. In this article, we explain briefly the importance of having an iPhone 8 repaired by Apple. We know that a lot of people think that Apple is making money out of their repair service by demanding hundreds of dollars. Maybe. Money can be a sensitive issue for many people but we think Apple repair is still the best option when it comes to fixing iPhones.

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Problem: iPhone 8 screen stops working after repair

The bold writing is what the issue is. The rest is the full story about what I am dealing with. Thank you. Hello, thank you for your help. Here is the play by play.

Exactly one week ago, I dropped my iPhone 8 on the cement surface of my parkade. The screen cracked. Seeing as I have a warranty, I called my device protection line. The device protection line told me that I am 280km away from the closest centre to fix my phone, so my options were as follows:


  • Send the phone in and wait 2 – 3 days (or likely longer, they said, because of the Canada post “situation”) OR
  • Pay $200 for a whole new device.


Here’s how I feel: What is the point in getting device protection if you cannot even use it to protect your device? Meaning: $200 for a replacement is more than it would cost to have the screen fixed at a repair shop

I cannot be without my phone for 2-3 days or longer. I need it for work (and life) I told the device protection rep these things. They said that my carrier (ROGERS) would be able to provide me with a lender phone will my phone was sent off, so I wouldn’t have to worry.

Next step was to call Rogers about what to do to get the lender phone. 1) I explained what happened to the Rogers rep. 2) He said nothing. 3) I asked about the lender phone, and told him that I happen to have an old 4S, “Could I use that while I wait?” I asked, 4) He responded with “Yeah, any device you’re going to be able to use a SIM card in right?” 5) I said: yes, I am aware of that, I just wondered what I do to make that happen while I am waiting for my phone to come back, and I also wanted to ask for details about the loaner phone in case for some reasons, my old 4S doesn’t work. 6) His response: “Why wouldn’t it work?” 7) Me: “I don’t know why it wouldn’t work… it’s been a long time since I used that phone. I just wanted to make sure I have the details about everything before going forward with sending my phone put to be fixed. 8) Him again- complete and utter silence 9) ME: “you can’t give me any info about how to get the lender phone? 10) “Yeah, if you need to send your phone away just go to any Rogers store to get a lender phone.” Seriously? That was literally all this rep had to say. He was highly unhelpful.

I called the warranty place back. I explained to the rep that I would be able to use my old phone while I waited for the new one to be returned. She told me to turn the “find my iPhone feature” off to facilitate sending the phone in. I was about to go through all the steps of wiping my phones memory, turning off find my iPhone, and everything else she asked… but then…. for some reason, turning my iPhone “find me” feature” wasn’t registering on her end. She kept telling me to follow the exact same procedure I already had to turn it off, and it still wasn’t registering. I tried it 4 times. Still not working.

Finally, after 3 hours on the phone with these people, I literally gave up. I thought- this is to much hassle- why I don’t I just go to a phone repair shop instead? And so this is what I did. The entire process took about 15mins, possibly less. there was no waiting around on hold, no talking to people about “what exactly had happened”, no having to mail my phone away to another city and waiting just because “there is no centre” where I live. And I cost much less than it would have cost to get a replacement phone.  So, off I go, happy happy happy. No more stress.

Now, a week later, I am driving home from work, and I ask Siri a question. No response. A quick glance at my phone (on its secure vehicle attachment to my dashboard- perfectly legal for driving- do not worry) A quick glance at my phone: the screen is covered in colourful lines. The fade from purple to blue… and sometimes white. They cover the whole screen sometimes, sometimes only half the screen.

A hard reset results in the screen going white for a short while, and then transitioning back into the lines again. I took my phone to Rogers this time. I told them what happened. They said that there isn’t anything they can do for me because I “took it to a 3rd party.” Apparently, there are rules about who you have fix your phone for which I was unaware of. For this reason the rep said “my hands are tied. You’ll have to call Rogers and / or Apple and ask them if they will help you even though you went to the third party. Because you didn’t know, maybe they will still help.”

So this is what I get for 16 years as a loyal Rogers customer. I know this message is only supposed to be about the phones prob itself, but I felt all these details were relevant because:


  • I want to warn others
  • The details could be relevant as I have heard that iPhones are equipped with a mechanism that causes them to stop working if you take them to a 3rd party to fix them. Apparently, the phone just knows that someone else has fixed it other than Apple, and it then proceeds to go into some kind of “lock down mode.” I dont know if that is what my phone is doing right now, or what is the case… But because I went to the third party, my only option now is to replace the phone for $1000+ (Which isn’t happening. I can’t afford that!


So, for the meantime, no phone for me. And I will be pondering whether or not an iPhone is really worth it for someone like me who “can’t afford to have one in the first place” (as I was told by apple when I called about my situation….)  

Solution: There are three major points we want to discuss briefly here so readers of this article will be enlightened when dealing with a similar situation.

Carrier and Apple warranty is limited

We can’t blame you if you wrongly thought that your iPhone was fully covered. Sometimes, warranty schemes of companies are given good sounding names so as to present the coverage as extensive as possible. In reality though, warranty coverage for smartphones is very limited. A tiny scratch that’s visible to an Apple technician can be cause for refusal for repair or replacement requests. This is pretty standard example even for non-Apple phones like Samsung as well. Carrier warranty usually copies the terms of most phone makers like Apple so uninitiated users usually end up having to pay even if their device is still within the warranty period.

We understand that average users don’t usually bother to check warranty details. Terms and conditions, especially those that covers repair can be full of legalese that most people don’t really like to waste their time on. Unfortunately, they’re the ones that can really come into great significance once a user requests for repair or replacement. Warranty-wise Apple is not obligated to fix or replace an iPhone with a cracked or shattered screen. Even if you pay extra for AppleCare+, you still need to contribute a certain amount to have the screen repaired or fixed as stated in this official Apple page. The most important thing to remember about Apple repair though is the fact that it’s guaranteed. What that means is that you can expect that they’ll repair the device regardless of the problem. You can also rest your mind knowing that your iPhone will be using genuine replacement parts.

What happens when you use third party repair

Having an independent technician repair your iPhone 8 may be cheaper than Apple’s own repair price but there’s a big disadvantage to it: it’s not guaranteed to work. Some third party repair shops may not be able to fully test the hardware during repair, leaving out less obvious problems even after the screen has been repaired. Accidentally dropping an electronic device can sometimes be ignored and your device may last for years afterwards. For some though, yours included, the impact of the drop may damage the screen or other hardware components badly so as to cause severe problems. Apple ensures that the entire system is fully checked during repair but third party technicians may not do so. In many cases, iPhone users may end up having the same problem or worse, encountering more, after a third party technician conduct repair.

In general, third party repair is hit-and-miss. If you’re lucky and the main issue is fixed by a non-Apple technician, your iPhone may live a longer life. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a still problematic device sometimes after repair.

Third party repair may use substandard components

One of the main reasons why third party repair requires luck on the part of an iPhone user is the fact that sometimes, non–Genuine Apple components are used. This is probably what happened to your device. The shop that repaired your device may have used substandard screen assembly to replace the original screen. We’ve already witnessed a lot of cases like this in the past so it’s no longer a surprise to us. We don’t think Apple intentionally sent a code to your device to break it after it was repaired by a third party.

What to do now?

The best thing that you can do at this time, since Apple or Rogers will no longer help in fixing your iPhone 8, is to go back to the shop that repaired the device and demand that they repair it again, this time using a genuine component. You can expect that they’ll tell you that they repaired the device properly using genuine parts of course. Hopefully this time around, they’ll really do it.


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