Samsung Caught Using Apple's Face ID Icon During Its Event

Samsung’s keynote from CES included the announcement of Samsung Pass, a proprietary authentication system that uses biometrics like fingerprints or eye scans to authenticate passwords. While the idea seems novel, the keynote event has drawn ire from Apple fans as Samsung was found using the Face ID logo onstage with no mention of it whatsoever.

This could just be down to sheer laziness or an oversight on the part of the people who put together the presentation, but all said and done, this is definitely not a good look on Samsung. This logo, on the other hand, was first used on Apple’s original Macintosh from the 80s, so it’s definitely not recent.


Apple has registered the Face ID logo in multiple countries across the world, so it will be interesting to see if the company will take any legal action against the Korean manufacturer over this. It certainly won’t be the first time the two companies battle it out in court despite Apple buying displays, processors, storage chips, and more from Samsung.

Samsung infamously copied the iPhone with its Galaxy S flagship nearly 10 years ago. Courts found Samsung to be infringing on Apple’s intellectual property and ordered Samsung to pay millions to Apple. While it’s unlikely this case will see the same outcome, it’s no doubt causing a great deal of embarrassment to Samsung. Samsung hasn’t come out with a statement on this as of yet, but we expect to hear from the company fairly soon.

What do you make of this incident?

Via: iMore, Cult of Mac