Rumor: Apple to Launch AirPods Pro This Month with Noise Cancellation and a Steep Price Tag

According to a report by a Chinese publication, Apple is preparing an upgraded version of the AirPods, dubbed the AirPods Pro with noise cancellation tech included. It is said that these earbuds will produce a special sound to get rid of background noise, thus working pretty much like any of the top noise cancellation earbuds and headphones we can find in the market today.

While the current iteration of the AirPods is pretty decent on its own, the fact that it cannot block background noise has always remained a concern. While this allowed the AirPods to be used practically anywhere, even while driving, it doesn’t offer the same level of audio performance as a few of the other earbuds on the market.

This report further adds that the AirPods Pro will come with a new design to accommodate noise cancellation tech including an angled stem and a larger air vent. It is also mentioned that contract manufacturer Inventec has teamed up with Chinese OEM Lixun to produce the AirPods Pro for Apple.

On a different note, iOS 13.2 has dropped hints about support for noise-canceling AirPods, so this doesn’t appear to be just another rumor. What we’re curious about, however, is the timing of the release. While an October announcement is being mentioned, we won’t be surprised if the date is pushed to November.

Since Apple hasn’t upgraded the AirPods in a while now, something like this does make sense. As for the price tag, the report mentions that it could cost approximately $260 when it reaches the markets. Considering how much the AirPods costs, this doesn’t appear to be a big bump in pricing, especially considering all the new hardware it’s packing.

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Source: China Economic Daily

Via: iDownloadBlog