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5 Best Bitcoin Wallet for Mac OS X

Bitcoin Wallet for Mac OS X

If you’d like to start trading Bitcoins on your Apple laptop or computer, there are several excellent Bitcoin wallets for mac OS X that you can try. Best Bitcoin wallet range from local wallets that store Bitcoins on your hard drive to cloud-based wallets that let someone else worry about the security of your digital

4 Best Washington DC Subway Map App For iPhone

The Washington DC area is known for its ridiculous traffic. With many commuting in for work in surrounding states, it isn’t unheard of that a commute could take two to three hours, or more depending on some different variables. That said, many folks have opted to use Washington DC’s rapid transit system instead, offering a

7 Best Speech To Text App For iPhone XS

Have you ever been driving or in the middle of something where it was difficult to stop and type out a text message? That’s why speech to text technology has become so useful — press the little microphone button on your keyboard or in an app, and then talk. The technology behind it will recognize

5 Best Seoul Subway Map App For iPhone

Seoul is a hustling and bustling city. Tourists, workers, and commuters all visit Seoul on the regular, whether to enjoy all of the excellent entertainment that the capital of South Korea has to offer, conduct business, or work within one of the many offices or large companies. It’s a very dense city, which makes driving

5 Best Passport Photo App For iPhone XS

One of the crazy things about passport photos is just how much they You can get your passport photo taken, and it takes the attendant at Walgreens or another store just a second to wrap up. Seems like an absurd price right? That’s because it is, but luckily, there’s a way that you can cut

5 Best Radio Apps For iPhone 11

A new iPhone means that it’s also time for new tunes. Some of the old songs that we listen to can get stale, which means that it’s time to freshen things up. But how? How do you find new music? Or what if you want to listen to commentary or a talk show? It’s easy.

5 Best Los Angeles Subway Map App For iPhone

Headed off to California? A beautiful state within the United States, Los Angeles is a hot and bustling area for vacation and work. Maybe you’re planning an exciting vacation in the big city, or you’re headed there for business or work. Well, you might want to consider taking advantage of Los Angeles Subway Map app

7 Best Chicago Subway Map App For iPhone

Off to Chicago? Maybe you’re planning an exciting vacation in the big city, or you’re headed there for business or work. Well, you might want to consider taking advantage of Chicago’s rapid transit system because, as you already know, traffic is a nightmare in the city of Chicago. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to access

7 Best Offline iPhone Games in 2020


The winter is coming, which means that the nights are getting longer, the air is growing colder, and the mornings are becoming increasingly more unbearable, at least for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. Why suffer through the winter season bored, when technology allows us to have so much fun straight from our

7 Best Antivirus For iPhone and iPad In 2020


Antivirus for iPhone and iPad. Do you need it? There’s a lot of folks who will say that it’s imperative to have antivirus on your mobile devices — after all, you want to make sure that you stay protected against any pieces of malware, viruses, and more! However, when it comes to mobile antivirus, it’s