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Best Resume Apps For iPad In 2020

best resume apps for ipad in 2020

Finding the best resume apps for iPad may be tricky these days. A lot of apps have been developed to help those people who would want to create their CV. Though options could be everywhere, it will boil down to the app that suits your taste.  If you’ve been trying to create a resume but

7 Best Text Messaging Apps for iPad and iPhone in 2020

As great and integrated as Apple’s iMessage service is, it only works great if all your friends and family also use iOS devices. But what if you want to chat and talk with people who use Android or even Windows Mobile? You can always use the standard SMS text messages; however, there are plenty of

5 Best Sneaker Apps To Track Release Dates In 2020

Sneaker Apps to track release

Do you love sneakers and new shoes? Particularly from top brands like Nike, Jordan’s, Vans, Under Armor, Adidas, and others? Then you might want to be staying on the cusp of new sneaker models. That can be hard to do, as new sneaker models don’t always trend on social media or make viral waves through

How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone

Best iPhone Tracking Apps

We’ll show you why you might want to fake GPS location, as well as some tools that you can use to make your GPS location appear as if it’s coming from elsewhere.

7 Best Audio Volume Booster Apps For iPhone in 2020

Are you tired of endlessly surfing the internet for only a halfway decent sound booster? That’s what we’re here for. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the best sound boosters on the App Store, giving you better control over individual things like treble, bass, mids, and more. Today, we’re sharing with you the

7 Best Antivirus For iPhone and iPad In 2020

Antivirus for iPhone and iPad. Do you need it? There’s a lot of folks who will say that it’s imperative to have antivirus on your mobile devices — after all, you want to make sure that you stay protected against any pieces of malware, viruses, and more! However, when it comes to mobile antivirus, it’s

7 Best Speedometer Apps for iPhone in 2020

Speedometer Apps for iPhone

If you own a vehicle, you know they can have issues at times. Whether you have a car from the 1950’s, or a brand new one from this year, I think we can all agree on one thing: cars have their quirks. Some are able to be fixed, and with others, you may just need

7 Best iPhone Apps for Tesla Car Owners

iPhone Apps for Tesla

Whether you’re a first-time Tesla owner or you’ve been enjoying your electric vehicle for a while now, there’s always the chance to tweak it to make it even better than it already is using smartphone apps for Tesla owners. What’s more, you can also use your smartphone to find nearby charging stations, get in-depth statistics

8 Best eBook Reader App for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Reading books on your smartphone has pretty much transformed the book industry. With almost every publisher having an online presence in the form of eBook Reader App iPhone and iPad, there are a handful of apps and services out there that help you read full books using your iPhone and iPad We’re going to talk about

5 Best House Design App for iPhone or iPad

Architects and interior designers have been relying on 3D modeling software and house design applications for many years. Now, app developers are bringing the same kind of apps to iOS, allowing anyone to design and remodel their house without spending hundreds of dollars on professional software. With the apps featured on this list, you can

5 Best Ways To Recover Deleted Data On Mac In 2020

Data is more important than ever in 2019, often being in the form of an important memory, such as a photo or video. Or, it could be some important business documents, reflecting the financial status of a company. It could be something as simple as an important project, too. Editor’s Choice If you want to