How to restart iPhone without power button?

Do you want to know how to restart iPhone without power button? You might come into a situation where the physical power button of the phone does not work anymore and you are facing an issue where you need to restart iPhone. There are several ways that iPhone users can achieve this even if the home or power buttons isn’t working.

The iPhone is a line of smartphone devices created by Apple that’s popular every time it is released. It runs on iOS mobile which is the world second most widely installed mobile operating system. Some of the outstanding features available on the iPhone include its camera, build quality, display, as well as timely software updates just to name a few.

Here’s How to Restart iPhone without Power Button

to Restart iPhone without Power Button

When you restart your iPhone all you need to do is to press on the power button. There will be certain instances though when the home and power button will not respond when pressed. So how to restart an iPhone when the power button is not working? Don’t worry as there are several options available for you to choose from.

Prerequisite: Make sure that assistive touch is turned on

In order to use some of the other ways to restart iPhone without power button you need to make sure that the AssistiveTouch feature of the device is enabled.

Assistive touch is an accessibility feature that allows you to perform several actions like pinching to zoom or 3D Touch with just a tap on the touch screen.

Here’s how to enable the Assistive touch feature

Open the Settings app.

On the Accessibility screen, select Touch.

On the Touch screen, select AssistiveTouch.

On the next screen, select AssistiveTouch to set the toggle switch to On.

The AssistiveTouch button will appear on the screen.

You can drag the AssitiveTouch button to reposition it to any edge on the screen.

Solution 1: Restart iPhone using AssistiveTouch button

The quickest way that you can restart your iPhone without power button is through the assistive touch feature of the phone.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Restart iPhone

  1. Tap the AsisstiveTouch button.

    This can be found on your iPhone touch screen.Tap the AsisstiveTouch button

  2. Tap the Device option.

    This will show you some of the device specific action you can perform.Tap the Device option.

  3. Tap More.

    This will show you the additional device options you can perform.Tap More.

  4. Tap Restart.

    This will restart your iPhone.Tap Restart

  5. Tap Restart on the pop-up window that appears.

    This will confirm your action.Tap Restart on the pop-up window that appears

Your iPhone screen will turn black then when the Apple logo appears a few seconds later your phone will complete the restart process.

Solution 2: Restart iPhone using bold text feature

Another way you can force restart iPhone without power button is by using the bold text feature of the device. You might not know it but applying bold text feature will make your iPhone restart.

When you turn on bold texts on your phone it makes a difference in making it easier to read text messages. Not only are bold texts easier to read but it also allows you to restart iPhone when the setting is turned on.

Restart iPhone from Bold text

Open the Settings app.

Go to “Display & Brightness”

Scroll down to find ‘Bold Text’ and toggle the switch to the ON position.

Tap continue on the option that says “Applying this setting will restart your iPhone”.

Take note that this procedure might not work anymore if your iPhone is running on the latest iOS update.

Solution 3: Restart iPhone from reset network settings option

One way you can force restart iPhone without power button is by the reset network settings option. This reverts you phone network settings back to their default conditions.

When you reset network settings on your iPhone the following changes will be made:

Stored Wi-Fi passwords will be deleted.

Paired Bluetooth devices and connections will be deleted.

VPN settings, local history, and preferences will be deleted.

Cellular network preferences such as data management will be deleted.

Resetting network settings of iPhone

Tap on Settings.

Tap on General.

Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Click on Reset Network Settings option.

Enter your phone passcode.

Your phone screen will become black then you will see the Apple logo. This is a sign that your iPhone is restarting.

Solution 4: Restart iPhone from settings app

You can turn off your iPhone even if the power button is not working from the settings app. Here’s how it is done.

Turn off from settings

Tap on Settings.

Tap on General.

Tap in Shut Down.

Slide to power off.

To start your iPhone you can connect it to a charger.

Solution 5: Restart iPhone by draining its battery

When your iPhone battery runs out of charge it will automatically turn off. In order to turn on the iPhone even when the power button is not working just connect it to its charger.

This means that you can simply drain your iPhone’s battery until it turns off then just connect it to its charger to turn it on. This might take a longer amount of time to perform when compared to the other steps but it also works.

Fix iPhone Power Button is Broken or Unresponsive

The solutions we presented to restart your iPhone works however it’s still best to use the power button of the phone to turn it of or on.

If the power button of your iPhone is not working then you should consider doing a factory reset or hard reset. This will restore your iPhone to its default condition. Take note that any data stored in the phone will be deleted so make sure to create a back up copy first before proceeding.

Factory reset iPhone

Tap Settings.

Tap General.

Tap Transfer or Reset device.

Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

If asked, enter your passcode or Apple ID password

Wait for your device to erase

After the reset procedure is complete try checking if the power button is now working. If it is, then the issue might just be caused by a software glitch.

In case the power button of your iPhone still does not work after performing the hard reset then you will need to bring this to the nearest authorized service center and have it checked.

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