How to Reset Location and Privacy Settings on Apple iPhone 12

This post will teach you how to reset the location and privacy settings on the iPhone 12. Read on if you need help restoring the original location and privacy settings and revoke permissions to all downloaded apps on your new iPhone.

Location and Privacy Settings

When you install a location-based app on your phone, it typically asks if you will allow or deny permissions for that app to keep track of your phone’s location and provide relevant services. Among these apps are the ones programmed to provide data for weather, maps and GPS. If you choose Allow, then that app will be able to use your location information. If you chose Deny, then the app won’t be able to do so.

When to Reset Location and Privacy Settings?

The privacy and location settings can be altered anytime through your iPhone settings. This means that you can turn it off for some or for all apps and services, if needed.

If you’re having trouble with how location-based apps use location data on your new iPhone, then you can just restore the default configuration so that location services would be turned off for all or specific third-party apps. To get this done, you can use the iOS command to reset location and privacy settings.

And here’s how it’s done on the new iPhone 12.

Easy Steps to Reset Location and Privacy Settings on iPhone 12

This reset only clears out location and privacy settings from your apps. Any saved data will not be deleted in the process. That said, creating backups won’t be necessary.

1. When ready, unlock your iPhone to access the Home screen.

reset location privacy settings iphone12 home

On the Home screen, you will see different shortcut controls or icons for launching pre-installed and downloaded apps.

2. Tap on the Settings icon to proceed.

reset location privacy settings iphone12 settings

The main settings menu opens next. Here, you will see a list of all basic and advanced iOS features you can manage and utilize.

3. Scroll down or up to view more items. Then, tap General.

reset location privacy settings iphone12 general

General settings menu will load up on the next display.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list. Then, tap Reset.

reset location privacy settings iphone12 reset

The Reset menu opens, highlighting different reset commands.

5. Select Reset Location & Privacy to proceed.

reset location privacy settings iphone12 resetlocationcommand

Doing so will prompt the phone to instigate location and privacy reset.

6. Enter your passcode to unlock and validate your reset request.

reset location privacy settings iphone12 passcode

A pop-up menu will appear beneath the display.

7. Read and review the information and then tap Reset Settings to continue.

reset location privacy settings iphone12 confirmreset

That will serve as a confirmation for your iPhone to start resetting your location and privacy settings to factory defaults.

All location services for your apps are now restored to their default settings.

By then, you can start configuring individual apps that you’d like to turn privacy and location permission on or off.

Performing this reset is recommended if location-based apps stopped working after installing an iOS update on your iPhone. The same thing can be done if you’re worried that too many apps already have accessed your location and privacy information. Doing so will revoke permissions for these apps and thereby prompts them to ask permission the next time they need it. These apps will stop using your location until you grant them permission again.

If any of your location-based apps is acting up after the reset, it’s likely because the app is glitching. To fix it, forcing the app the close and then restarting it is recommended.

And that’s about resetting location and privacy settings on the iPhone 12.

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