How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through removing all custom words that you’ve typed and added on the iPhone keyboard and put the keyboard dictionary back to its factory default state. Here’s a quick guide to reset keyboard dictionary on the iPhone 14 smartphone.

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iOS Keyboard Dictionary

Your iPhone allows you to save keystrokes with text replacements so that you can use them when typing a word or phrase. You can use the preset text replacements like OMW for “On my way” or add your own.

The iPhone’s keyboard dictionary stores all custom words and shortcuts that you’ve previously added. Every text replacement for certain words are also added to  your personal dictionary. 

So, when you type something on your iPhone, you will see auto-corrections, predictive texts and text replacements showing up. These are among the iOS soft keyboard input features that allows you to type with fewer taps.

You may opt to accept or reject these auto-corrections depending on the word you’re trying to type. 

The auto-corrections you see are taken from the iPhone’s keyboard dictionary. With the iOS keyboard dictionary, the device spell-checks the words while you’re typing them in and automatically corrects any words that you’ve spelled incorrectly.

Using auto-corrections on an iPhone is pretty straightforward. Just type the words in a provided text field on any text-based apps like Messages. If the auto-correction suggestions are the exact same words that you’d like to type, you can just accept the suggested word by tapping it. Otherwise, type your original words to reject the suggestions.

If you think your iPhone’s keyboard dictionary has already stored a lot of useless auto-corrections and text replacements, you can delete them all at once using the built-in reset command from the iOS reset menu.

Outlined below is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to carry out a keyboard dictionary reset on the new Apple iPhone 14 device. Feel free to refer to this guide when needed.

Steps to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on Apple iPhone 14

If you don’t want to see auto-corrections while typing texts in Pages, Number, Keynote, Messages or any other text-based apps, you can either disable Auto-correction and text replacements on your iPhone’s Keyboards settings or reset the keyboard dictionary to remove all added auto-corrections, predictive texts and text replacements at once.

Depicted below are simplified steps that depict the latter process to reset keyboard settings on the latest iPhone models.

Performing this reset only deletes recently added words and phrases in the keyboard dictionary’s database. The rest of your iPhone data and settings won’t be affected and thus, creating backups is not needed.

Just follow these steps whenever you’re all set to restore the default values for the built-in keyboard dictionary on your iPhone 14.

Step 1: To begin, go to your iPhone’s Home screen then tap Settings. You can also access the Settings app among other app shortcuts from the Apps Library.

reset keyboard dictionary iphone 14 SETTINGS

Step 2: While in the Settings app menu, scroll to find and then tap General. Another menu opens with a list of system management functions and relevant options.

reset keyboard dictionary iphone 14 GENERAL

Step 3: Scroll down then tap Transfer or Reset iPhone. 

reset keyboard dictionary iphone 14 TORI

Step 4: On the succeeding menu, you’ll see options to access the iOS Reset menu and Factory Reset. To continue, tap Reset to access the iOS reset menu options.

reset keyboard dictionary iphone 14 RESET

Step 5: Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary from the given options.

reset keyboard dictionary iphone 14 RKD

Step 6: If prompted, enter your iPhone passcode and Screen Time passcode (if you have it enabled).

reset keyboard dictionary iphone 14 PASSCODE

Step 7: A pop-up message will load up beneath the next screen. Read the warning prompt then tap Reset Dictionary to confirm.

reset keyboard dictionary iphone 14 CONFIRM

All added words you’ve typed using the iOS keyboard will then be deleted from the keyboard dictionary, putting everything back to its default factory state. All your previous keyboard history are also deleted.

After the reset, the keyboard will start storing new words based on your input habits. Turning off predictive text and auto-correction will prevent your iPhone from making suggestions and auto-corrections.

Resetting Keyboard Dictionary to deal with iPhone keyboard issues

Resetting the keyboard dictionary is also considered among other potential solutions when dealing with random issues with the iOS keyboard. Among the widespread problems that can be addressed by this reset include keyboard lags, unresponsive keyboard, input delays and keyboard loading issues like when the keyboard does not show up.

And that’s how to clear out all typed words from the iOS keyboard dictionary and restore the default keyboard dictionary on the new Apple iPhone 14.

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