How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on Apple iPhone 13

For people whose language isn’t English, they often add a keyboard that will make it easier for them to type words in their own language.

Your iPhone 13 allows you to do that. It also allows you to add your own phrases and their shortcuts in the iPhone keyboard dictionary.

For instance, you can just type “omw” on the keyboard but the phrase that will be entered is “On my way.”

However, there are times when the keyboard no longer behave the way it should. In fact, many iPhone users reported such a problem.

But don’t worry, you can actually reset the keyboard dictionary on iPhone.

Resetting Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone 13

Resetting iPhone keyboard dictionary is pretty easy to do, and you don’t have to worry because none of your files and data will be deleted. Only your custom words or phrases will be gone and only the keyboard settings will be brought back to Factory defaults.

Here’s how it’s done on iPhone 13:

Step 1: To begin, go back to the Home screen and tap Settings.

reset iphone 13 dictionary 1

This will open the Settings app giving you access to most features in your device.

Step 2: Find and tap General.

reset iphone 13 dictionary 2

This menu contains many commands that allow you to manage your device properly.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

reset iphone 13 dictionary 3

Step 4: Tap Reset at the bottom of the screen to reveal all the options.

reset iphone 13 dictionary 4

Step 5: Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

reset iphone 13 dictionary 5

Step 6: If prompted, enter your security passcode to verify your identity.

reset iphone 13 dictionary 6

Step 7: Tap Reset Dictionary at the bottom of the screen.

reset iphone 13 dictionary 7

This will reset the iPhone keyboard dictionary to factory defaults.

Other things that will be reset are iPhone predictive text, keyboard shortcut and auto correction.

But you can now add new phrases to your keyboard if you want.

We hope that this tutorial can help you.

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