How to Customize Your iPhone 12 Home Screen

The iPhone 12 home screen is your gateway to apps, information and more. With iOS 14 and newer, you have more options than ever to personalize your home screen and tailor it to your needs. This article will guide you through customizing your iPhone 12 home screen using wallpapers, widgets, the App Library and more.

iPhone 12 Home Screen

The home screen on the iPhone 12 is one of the first things users see when they unlock their device. However, out of the box, the home screen contains all the default Apple apps in their typical layout. With a few taps and drags, you can completely overhaul the look and functionality of the home screen to make it your own

The wallpaper is the background image on your home screen. To change it:

iphone 12 home screen
  1. Go to Settings > Wallpaper.
  2. Tap “Choose a New Wallpaper”.
  3. Browse and select a new wallpaper.

You can choose from Dynamic, Live or Still images. You can also use one of your own photos.

Adding Widgets to Your Home Screen

Widgets show useful information at a glance, like weather, calendar events, stocks and more. To add them:

  1. Long press on an empty area of your home screen until apps jiggle.
  2. Tap the “+” icon.
  3. Scroll and select a widget. Drag it into place.

Repeat to add multiple widgets like a Smart Stack.

Using Smart Stacks

A Smart Stack is a collection of widgets that automatically surfaces the most relevant one based on time and usage.

To use them:

  • Add individual widgets onto each other to create a Smart Stack.
  • Swipe up or down on the stack to cycle through the widgets.

Smart Stacks automatically show useful widgets when you need them!

Organizing Apps with the App Library

The App Library holds all your apps and organizes them into categories. To access it:

  • Swipe left past all your home screen pages.

This provides quick access to apps that may not be on your home screen.

Customizing Your Home Screen Layout

You can customize the layout of your iPhone 12 home screen in different ways:

  • Tap and hold an app, then tap “Remove App” to move it to the App Library.
  • Tap and hold an empty spot, then tap the page dots at the bottom to show all pages. Tap the minus icon on any page to remove it.
  • Use the same steps to rearrange home screen pages by dragging them left or right.

Multiple User Home Screens with iOS 16

iOS 16 lets you create customized home screens for work, personal, gaming and more.

To enable:

  1. Long press the lock screen.
  2. Tap “Customize”.
  3. Toggle on “Use Separate Home Screens”.

Now you can tailor widgets, wallpapers and layouts for different focuses!

Customizing Your Lock Screen

Personalize your lock screen by:

  • Long pressing on it, tapping “Customize” and selecting a new wallpaper.
  • Adding widgets like calendar, weather, clock and more.

Express yourself with a customized lock screen!

In summary, the iPhone 12 home screen is very customizable. Use wallpapers, widgets, App Library and multi-focus modes to tailor it to your needs. A personalized home screen keeps your most-used apps and info at your fingertips.

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