How to Reset Cellular Data Settings on Apple iPhone SE 2021 | Restore Defaults

This post will help you access and reset cellular data settings on the Apple iPhone SE 2020 smartphone. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Performing a network settings reset is usually needed when having trouble with the wireless features of your phone. All saved Wi-Fi credentials, cellular and Bluetooth connections as well as APN settings on the phone will be erased in this process. 

A relevant type of iOS reset that’s specifically applied to cellular data is called cellular data reset. Performing this reset will not reset the entire network settings but only the cellular statistics including how much data you’ve used since the last reset, call time, and the like. 

If you’re wondering how to access and carry out this reset on the new iPhone SE, then feel free to use this context as personal reference.

Easy Steps to Reset Cellular Data Settings on the iPhone SE 2020

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps will restore the original or default cellular data settings on the new iPhone SE. This process does not affect any saved information on the phone’s internal storage and thus, creating a backup won’t be necessary.

  1. To get started, navigate to the Home screen.
    On the Home screen, you can view and access different controls and app shortcuts.
    Tap Settings to proceed.

    A new screen opens with the main settings menu items.
    In here you can see all the basic and advanced features to manage.

    reset cellular data settings iphone se 2020 - settings

  2. To continue with this demo, tap Cellular.

    The cellular settings menu opens next.
    On this menu, you will see relevant settings and features you can turn on or off.

    reset cellular data settings iphone se 2020 - cellular

  3. Scroll down to the bottom section and then tap Cellular Data Network listed among other items under the Carrier Services category.

    You'll be routed to the cellular data menu where you can view the APNs, username, password, and other relevant information.

    reset cellular data settings iphone se 2020 - cdnet

  4. Scroll down to the bottom item and then tap Reset Settings.

    A pop-up menu will open beneath the display.

    reset cellular data settings iphone se 2020 - reset

  5. Read and review the pop-up message and then tap Reset to confirm.

    The device will then instigate the reset process.
    After the reset, the original or default cellular data settings are restored.

    reset cellular data settings iphone se 2020 - confirm

  • iOS 13.6
  • Apple iPhone SE 2020

The cellular data statistics on the iPhone do not reset automatically and thus, you have to do it manually. It is also imperative to manually reset this stats each month to ensure that you’ll get a more accurate picture of your data usage so as to correspond to your data plan’s billing cycle.

The last reset date or statistics reset is usually posted at the bottom of the display but may vary between device models, carriers, and software versions.

A cellular data settings reset can be considered among other potential workarounds to deal with cellular-related issues including service and cellular data connection errors.

Also ensure that the phone’s carrier settings are up to date.

In the case where your device is not getting cellular services, contact your carrier to seek further assistance in setting up the correct data plan on your account.

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