Report Claims 2021 iPhone Could Cost More Due to New Components and 5G Chip

As per a new report by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the 2020 iPhones could be more expensive than ever thanks to the rise in components and parts as the company tries to incorporate a 5G modem within the primary logic board. This means Apple will have to increase the size of its logic board, which in turn will increase fabrication costs, meaning the costs will be ultimately borne by the buyer. So it seems like 5G technology on the next-gen iPhone will come with a big price. It’s not clear if Apple will go all-in on 5G next year or keep it limited to select variants.

While this does concern some fans, we can’t say this is particularly surprising given how Apple functions in the industry. It was recently reported that Apple will use a 5G modem and components from Qualcomm as it is the sole supplier of this tech right now. Apple is reportedly designing its own 5G modem and expects to have it ready by 2023.

Speaking more about the 2020 iPhone, Kuo mentioned that Apple was looking to rework the design yet again by going back to the older iPhone 4 style design which will feature “complex segmentation design” accompanied by “new trenching and injection molding procedures”. This entire setup could increase the cost of the metal frame that goes into an iPhone, further adding to the price tag of the device.

At the moment, customers can choose between 5G phones from companies like Samsung, LG, OnePlus, and the likes, with a few more expected to be on the way by early 2020.

Are you willing to pay a premium for 5G capabilities on your iPhone?

Via: Apple Insider