How to remove or hide the notch on iPhone X

One of the new features Apple bring to its iPhones X device is the notch. It’s a black box on the top part of the screen that houses the front-facing camera and other sensors. The notch easily distinguishes the iPhone X from its older cousins and is considered part of the overall good design. Many iPhone fans don’t share the same enthusiasm for it though. While the notch does not necessarily affect the hardware or software experiences of the device, there are many users who think it’s ugly. If you don’t like the notch at all, learn how to remove or hide it below.

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How to remove or hide the notch on iPhone X

Although the notch is not a technical problem at all, removing it from the screen is not bad at all for many iPhone users. It is a built-in hardware feature though so there’s no way to get rid of it for good. What this tutorial does for you is to give you the steps on how to artificially make it “disappear.” So, technically, you are simply masking the notch so it doesn’t distract you when looking at the screen. The following solution only works on the Lock screen and Home screen so everytime you use an app, the notch will become visible again.

  1. Open App Store app.
  2. Search for Notcho app and download it.
  3. Open the app after downloading it.
  4. When prompted whether to use a Photo from Camera Roll or images in the app, opt for a wallpaper from the app’s library.
  5. Tap Import button.
  6. Tap on Adjust.
  7. Move and scale the image according to your preference.
  8. Tap on Done to finish.
  9. Tap on Save.
  10. Open Photos app and select the wallpaper you just saved.
  11. Tap on Share button.
  12. Tap on Use as Wallpaper.
  13. tap on Set.
  14. If you wish to remove the notch on both the Lock screen and Home screen, Tap on Set Both.
  15. You’re done!

NOTE: There are a number of other third party apps that you can use other than Notcho so do some research for other alternatives.

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