How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone

You might have thought of just how useful it would be to be able to record a phone call. Maybe you’ve gotten a call from Mom with a grocery list to pick up for a holiday, but forgot what that list was.

Or maybe some called you with some important information that you just had to remember, but were having difficulty remembering all the details you needed to remember. These are some good reasons as to why you would need to record a phone call.

There, are, of course, plenty of other important reasons, but now you need the “how.” How do you record a phone call on iPhone? Well, it’s actually quite easy. Here’s how you can do it.

The problem with recording calls

The first thing that you need to understand before recording your iPhone calls is pay attention to local, state, and federal laws. In the United States, there are federal law and state law statutes that prevent a party (you) from recording other participants to the phone call. Some states don’t have these statutes at all, so you’ll need to check your state’s laws before recording.

Of course, most federal law and state law statutes don’t prevent you from recording phone calls, but they do require you to get the consent of all parties involved. So, if you plan on recording a multi-state conference call, it would be wise and in your best interest to get the explicit consent of all parties in the call before recording.

There are, of course, some obvious limits to this. For example, if you’re on the phone with your mother or father, you probably don’t need to ask for their total consent — it’s doubtful that that would really go anywhere, depending on the status of the relationship anyway. But, if you were to record the phone call of a creditor, you would, at the very least — again according to your state law statutes — that you inform the creditor that you’re recording.

All of this might explain to you why many times, when you call a company, debt collector, creditor, or really any other institution, one of the first lines you here is a robotic voice telling you the call is being recorded, generally for quality reassurance or some other insane reason.

All in all, check your state laws, and always make sure that you inform the other parties on the line that you’re recording the phone call. It could, potentially, keep you out of hot water.

How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone


1. Google Voice

Recording the phone call itself is actually crazy easy. One of the most straightforward and well known ways to record incoming calls is through the use of Google Voice. After you have a Google Voice account, you can head into the Settings and under “Calls” enable the option to record your incoming calls.

The shortcut for doing this, while you’re on the phone with your Google Voice app, is to press the number 4. The recording will start, and once you end the call, Google will save the phone recording to your Inbox. That’s where you can listen to and download all recorded phone calls from Google Voice.

It’s easy to listen to recorded phone calls within the Google Voice app, too. The app, obviously, needs to be on your phone. But after that, you just launch the app, hit the Menu button in the top left corner and click on the Recorded option. You can tap the calls that you want to listen to, and any of the calls you tap on will bring you to a player where you can play/pause the recording.

Unfortunately, Google Voice isn’t able to record both outgoing and incoming calls. For that, you’ll need some different software.

Download it now: here


2. TapeACall Pro

Generally, recording both outgoing and incoming calls are going to cost you some money. Most software doesn’t offer this service for free. But, if you don’t mind shelling out a little cash, you can download TapeACall Pro to your iPhone (get it here). It will cost a free for a year of subscription, but with it, you’ll be able to record an unlimited amount of outgoing and incoming phone calls.

Most pieces of software notifies the other party of the recording, but TapeACall Pro is one of the few that doesn’t. So, you may or may not need to notify the other party yourself.

Download it now: here

There are plenty of other ways that you can record a phone call, but almost all of them require an app that you have to have downloaded — IntCall’s Call Recorder, the aforementioned TapeACallPro, or even NoNotes’ Call Recorder. if you were wondering how to record a phone call on iPhone, through an app is pretty much the only way how.


Download it now: IntCall’s Call Recorder


Download it now: NoNotes’ Call Recorder

What about video calls?

You can record video calls as well on your iPhone. However, some of the same state and federal laws do apply, and it is usually recommended that you let the person on the other end know that you are recording, as well as have their permission. You will generally have to pair your phone up with your Mac and use third-party software, as there generally isn’t anything that’s natively available.

For example, you can use the eCamm Call Recorder for Mac to record your FaceTime calls. It’s completely free to try, but they do sell “Pro” licenses.

How to Record A Phone Call Verdict

As you can see, recording phone calls on your iPhone is insanely easy. It really is as simple as downloading and installing app, or even just enabling the option within Google Voice. You could also consider using outside hardware methods for recording phone calls as well, but that can get super pricey and turn into a legal gray area.