How to fix poor sound quality during calls on iPhone XS

We sometimes experience poor sound quality while on calls. In this article, we show you what you can do if you encounter a situation like this on your iPhone XS.

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Problem: iPhone XS poor sound quality during calls

I saw your one article about this, but have a question. I just got a XS and notice the sound quality when making a call when the phone is to your EAR, my 6s sounded better. THis is like the treble is turned down… Not distorted but it’s a completely different tone than all my other iphones, last one was a 6s… Is this maybe normal??? I know these new phones have 3d sound, etc, and that same speaker doubled to do other things., DOes that ear piece speaker just sound different>??

Solution: Based on our own experience with older iPhones and the new iPhone XS, general sound quality thru speaker is improved on the latter. We don’t have the exact idea what sound difference you’re trying to tell us here but if you think the speaker sound on your own iPhone XS is inferior to that of an iPhone 6S, that’s a real possibility.

While Apple tries to enforce strict quality control over its products, a few may end up leaving the factory defective or below standards. This is the reason why some devices may be replaced or even recalled. If possible, try to get second, third, or more opinions from friends you used both older iPhones and the new iPhone XS. it’s possible that you may have simply gotten used to your iPhone 6S speaker sound and the slight difference in sound quality on your iPhone XS may be confusing you right now. You can also try to visit your local Apple store and consult someone there regarding this issue.

As far as we know, your iPhone XS sound system is way better than that of older iPhone models and there’s many different ways to set it up. It’s possible that you may have simply changed some sound settings resulting to poor sound quality. Below are some of the troubleshooting steps that you can try to improve sound quality on your iPhone XS:

Increase the volume

During calls, it’s important that you turn up the volume especially when you’re outside. Sometimes, network settings may also affect the incoming call volume creating an impression that there’s a problem with your phone’s speaker. Simply press the Volume buttons on the side to easily increase the sound coming from the speaker during calls.

Ensure speaker is not blocked

You may experience poor sound quality during calls if the speaker or receiver is dirty or blocked. Ensure that there’s no dirt, debris, screen protector, plastic cover or film blocking the speaker.

If you think there’s dirt or blockage in the speaker area, try to clean it with a tiny brush or clean,soft cloth. Avoid using brushes that are dirty as that might add dirt to the system.

Turn on Speaker feature during calls

If you’re having trouble hearing during calls, you can turn on speakerphone by simply tapping on the Speaker icon. This should significantly help in improving the volume. If you are unable to hear the caller, or if nothing changes, that means your device is okay but network reception may be spotty. Try to improve network reception by answering or making calls in a different location.

Force restart

Sometimes, network issues or calling woes are fixed by doing a simple trick: restart. Try to see what happens when you restart your iPhone XS. Here’s how:

  1. Press and hold the Side button and either the Volume buttons until the slide to power off screen appears.
  2. Drag the slider to turn your iphone x completely off.
  3. After your iPhone turns off, press and hold the Side button again until the Apple logo appears.

Install system update

Don’t forget to update your device whenever there’s available. Some network bugs are only fixed by programming changes.

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