Patent Talks About Advanced Sports Tracking and Face ID on Future Apple Watch Models

Apple has made tremendous inroads with the Apple Watch, thanks mainly to the combination of software and hardware features. A new patent filed by Apple back in September 2017 has just been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO.

As per this patent, the company is looking to bring advanced sports tracking features by embedding sensors into the watch band. Apple discusses the possibility of this being used in activities like “swinging the golf club or throwing a football” by using an accelerometer or barometric sensors. This can also open the possibility of measuring the user’s grip by recording user data during a sporting activity and providing detailed analysis for later perusal. This, in turn, can act as excellent individual feedback for athletes.

The patent also talks about a camera sensor embedded right into the watch face with the ability to “provide fixed focal distance or variable focal distance.” The camera will be positioned in this fashion to potentially allow scanning of bar code or QR codes around the wearer. This pretty much means that the camera will also be able to take still photos and videos of the user.

It is interesting to note that this patent aligns with a prior Apple patent that described using the watch band as an authentication system i.e. a substitute to Touch ID or Face ID. Given the fact that Apple Watches can run independently with LTE, it makes sense to add an advanced layer of authentication in line with the format.

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Source: USPTO

Via: 9to5Mac