HTC’s new Desire U budget smartphone

HTC Desire U

More and more smart phone manufacturing companies are entering the budget friendly smart phone markets these days with stripped down versions of their popular high end smart phones. For example, the South Korean smart phone giant, Samsung, released the Galaxy S III Mini after the extraordinary success of its Galaxy S III smart phone. Similarly,

Intel’s new low priced Yolo smartphone for Kenya

Intel Yolo Android Smartphone

With the plans of coming out of the desktop computer market, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, Intel, is working very hard to make a place for itself in the mobile phone industry. And it looks like it is doing well, it came up with a new family of microprocessors for the smart phones, and now,

Samsung Reigns Supreme In 2012, Crosses The Record 200m Mark

While it is evident that smartphone sales have been growing at a steady pace over the years, new data released by analysts has revealed that the past year saw smartphone shipments reach a record number. Global annual smartphone shipments reached 700 million units, which translates to a 43 percent growth. And overall, 1.6 billion phones

Twitter Releases Video Tweeting Service Vine For iOS

Vine, a mobile service that lets users shoot and embed short video clips into tweets has been launched by Twitter. Vine was acquired by Twitter about a year back. However, the service has still been released as a separate free app and the video shot using the app can also be embedded on Facebook directly.

Intel To Shutdown Desktop Motherboard Business

Intel motherboards might not be the most popular desktop motherboard brand, but it is certainly an indication towards the days to come. Intel has announced its decision to wind down its desktop motherboard division gradually over the next three years. The last of the desktop motherboard from the chip giant will be the next generation

The All New Sony Xperia Z Smartphone

Apple and Samsung better take notice. Sony has finally come out with a product that could for the first time truly provide some stiff competition to the reigning kings of the iOS and Android worlds. Sony has for long struggled to bring out a killer smartphone, but all that could and most definitely will change

Sony’s New Xperia Tablet Z Tablet Announced In Japan

Sony’s next generation Xperia Tablet Z was expected for quite some time now, especially after the Japanese tech giant unveiled the Xperia Z smartphone at the recently concluded International Consumer Electronic Show. Xperia Tablet Z brings with it the same dark and sleek form factor of its smartphone cousin, but with a 10.1 inch sized

China Merchants Bank Consumer Credit Option: Help or Hurt?

[Photo Credit: The Mac Observer] Here in the United States, luxury is all part of the American experience. There are many Americans who work just to pay their bills and get by, but there are many who inherit their parents’ aristocratic status and spend their money on just about whatever suits their fancy. When middle-class and

Wi-Fi Calling: Facebook’s Newest Lifeline

Some months ago, it was announced that Mark Zuckerberg’s team would emerge with what is known as a “Facebook phone.” The goal, for the Facebook team, was to become “more than just an app to be downloaded.” Social networking sites are wonderful apps that enhance our connections and social activities; however, at the end of