Nexus 4 now listed as “temporarily out of stock”

Nexus 4

If you have been waiting very eagerly to buy a new Nexus 4 smart phone, then I guess that you would be happy to know that the stocks are coming in. T Mobile recently started stocking Google’s flagship device. And then Best Buy reported that even it has stocks. But if you want to buy

China To Remove Ban On Gaming Consoles After 13 Years?

If some of the reports coming out of China are true then the Chinese mainland could see the revival of console games for the first time in 13 years. Gaming consoles, including Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo and later Microsoft’s Xbox, were banned by the Chinese government in 2000 citing beliefs that the gaming culture would

Nokia Launches Music+ Premium Service, Subscription Cost Set at $3.99 A Month

Nokia announced their new Music+ Premium Service Subscription that will let Nokia Lumia owners take advantage of the music features of their phones. The new Nokia Music+ Premium is an upgrade of the company’s free-of-charge Mix Radio, which was well-loved by Lumia users mainly because of its unique features and the fact that the application

H.265 Video Format Approved, Promises High-Quality Video On Low Internet Speeds

The High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also referred to as H.265 is a new video format that was designed to make it possible to stream high definition videos on low bandwidth networks, including mobile networks. This new format has now been officially recognized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which will soon make buffering videos

The new retro-styled HTC Mini

HTC Mini and HTC Butterfly

Do you think that your new Android smart phone is a bit too much big for your palm or your pocket? You want to have a smaller smart phone with almost all the features of your gigantic smart phone? Well, the Taiwanese smart phone giant, HTC, seems to have a solution. However, this might not

Acer Announces New Mid-rage Liquid E1 Android 4.1 Smartphone

Deciding not to wait till next month’s Mobile World Congress Acer has announced a new mid-range Android smartphone. The new devide, named Liquid P1 was announced in China yesterday and should feature in at the MWC. There is nothing spectacular about the Acer Liquid E1. As far as design is concerned the Liquid E1 does

RIM Will Come Out With First Ever Super Bowl Ad To promote BlackBerry 10

With the Blackberry 10 launch date just a few days away Research In Motion is really gearing up for the day. The future of RIM rests solely on the success of BB10 and the Waterloo based company has decided to leave no stone upturned to assure everyone knows about its brand new operating system when it makes

BItTorrent is working on a new Dropbox-like service

BigTorrent Sync

We are all aware of BitTorrent. We all have downloaded torrents and other files from the service. But lately, a lot of countries have banned the use of torrents and even shutting down torrent sharing web sites. So the companies which excelled in the P2P sharing technology are looking for other ways of staying in