Microsoft Testing Its Own Smartphone, Reports WSJ

While Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhone surge ahead in today’s smartphone driven world, Microsoft, the software giant lags behind by a huge margin, with its Windows Phone platform. The company Microsoft particularly wants to better is Apple. The iOS driven iPhones and iPads are the single most popular device models in the world and the

LG Introduces Windows 8 Touch ET83 Monitor

Touch monitors for desktop PCs have been around for quite some time but lack of supporting platforms have kept choices low and naturally demand for these relatively expensive displays have been scant. The only place touch monitors have been common is in all-in-one PC, making use of Windows 7’s limited touch capabilities. But with the

Big Fish Games Release First-Ever Real Money Casino Gambling Game

Big Fish Games released their first ever real-money gambling game called “Big Fish Casino” application that will be available in the company’s PC and Mac app store. Big Fish Casino UK is a free-to-play game wherein the user can choose whether to play just for fun or play with real money as wager in the

OS Designer Sues Microsoft Over Use Of Live Tiles

Just days after Microsoft launched its Windows 8 operating system the Redmond company is facing trouble, the kind which has become common these days with tech companies. A little known company called SurfCast has sued Microsoft for infringing on one of its four patents relating to ‘Tiles.’ The company has now filed a lawsuit in

ARM Introduces 64-Bit Processor Series, With Support For 32-Bit

A new 64-bit processor series that will also be capable of handling 32-bit operations has been announced by ARM. The new Cortex A50 processor series currently consists of the Cortex-A57 processor and the less powerful Cortex A53 processor, which will let ARM partners create system-on-chips that are capable of operating a wide range of devices

Android 4.2: Retains Jelly Bean Name, Adds New Flavours

Google has announced a couple of major products, the Samsung built Nexus 10 tablet and the Nexus 4 smartphone from LG. Apart from the new products Google also announced an upgraded version of the Nexus 7 mini tablet, the 32GB model of which will now be available in HSPA+ mobile option. And just like last

LG Nexus 4 Officially Announced

The other South Korean electronics major LG will now have its share of limelight. Google has partnered with LG to bring out the latter’s first Nexus device. The Nexus 4, which is based on the LG Optimus G smartphone is the latest and the most powerful smartphone offering a pure Android experience. Operating on Google’s

Nexus 4 Leaks: Wireless Charging, 360-Degree Camera & More

Just a thought. Is it relevant to hold an event any longer to launch a new device? Almost everyone who really cares gets to know all the required information about the new device before hand anyway, thanks to a dozen of leaks and ‘unintended’ slip ups. And the magnitude of the leaks seems to be

Nexus 10 Tablet Images & Specifications Leaked

As if we were not already spoilt for choice, this Holiday season will have us choose from yet another tablet. The larger sibling of the Nexus 7 has been long awaited and could make its appearance at Goolge’s New York Android event which is set to take place on Monday. Besides the Nexus 10 tablet,