Netflix says app for BlackBerry 10 not coming anytime soon

Its been a while since the Canadian smart phone manufacturer, BlackBerry, released its new BlackBerry 10 platform to the market. The company had very high hopes of the platform, but it seems to be not working out as well as expected. The company had said that it would launch the platform with good core apps.

Cell Phone Unlocking Legalization Backed By White House

The White House responded to the petition on We The People platform wherein more than 100,000 citizens voiced out their concerns about the legalization of cell phone unlocking in the United States. Upon reaching the needed number of signature in the petition, White House commissioned experts on telecommunications technology and copyright policy to study the

Samsung Galaxy S IV To Have “Eye Scrolling” Feature?

Almost a week before its official unveiling, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV made headlines on Monday night after rumors suggested that the highly-anticipated smartphone will have a unique and exciting feature. The New York Times reported that one source who already had a chance to test out the Galaxy S IV said that the

Major Windows Phone update coming around holidays

Windows Phone 8 on big screen

If you are a Windows Phone 8 user, here is some good news. Microsoft is working on releasing a major update to the platform in the holiday season of this year. And it so happens that we do not want any inside spies or anything of that kind to know information about the company’s plans

Samsung Galaxy S IV AnTuTu Benchmark results leaked

Samsung Galaxy S IV AnTuTu Benchmark Results

We have been reading a lot of news and rumors about the all new Samsung Galaxy S IV that the company is supposed to unveil in a few days. But did not have any good proof of this till now. And even though we have something that we can believe, this should not be taken

HTC says it doesn’t like widgets

HTC released its latest jewel to the tech world at a private event which was held a few days back, and the company has done a very good job with the One. But as Chase Bonar of Phone Dog has reported, a new blog post by Assistant Vice President of HTC’s User Experience Drew Bamford,

Huawei’s attempts to top Apple and Samsung

Huawei Ascend smart phone at MWC

Huawei is a well known brand, but not so much in the world of smart phones. It is true that the company has been rated to the 3rd most popular smart phone vendors in the world, but does not seem like it. We have seen very few Huawei smart phones out in the wild, and

FCC to investigate cell phone unlocking ban

FCC Logo

It is never good to put a ban on something that does not harm anyone and on something which a lot of people, which should actually be their rights. For example, let us take the ban on smart phone unlocking. We pay for the smart phone, and we pay to the carrier. When this is

New rumor suggests polycarbonate body for iPhone 6

Every year, starting from 2007, when the Cupertino tech giant announced the first ever smart phone from the company which turned out to be a revolutionary, the iPhone, we have been hearing a lot of rumors about the next possible update to the line of smart phones from the company. We get rumors every year

$1-Billion Apple Award vs Samsung Reduced By $450 Million

Apple absorbed a serious setback in their patent battle with Samsung after a federal judge ordered to reduce the award given to the iPhone maker last year. Last year, Apple won a $1-billion award vs Samsung in one of their biggest patent battles after a jury said that the South Korean company copied patented features

Tablets That Are The Easiest To Repair

Tablets, as for that matter most smartphones as well, these days come with sealed batteries, which means once the battery goes dry the device has to be completely replaced. Agreed that devices get updated so often that a person does not stick with a single device for more than a year or two, for which