Optimize iPhone Spotify App To Use Less Cellular Data

Do you want to equip yourself with proper knowledge on how to optimize iPhone Spotify app to use less cellular data? Read further and find out how. 

Spotify has gained its popularity as one of the top apps for music streaming on both iOS and android devices. It’s intuitiveness and design, together with the music genres that it provides to the users are the main reasons why this app is being used by around 113 million subscribers out there. However, there is one negative thing that it may offer – it consumes more data, especially if you’re streaming music using Cellular data connection. 

You can download the Spotify app for free and there are basic functions like playing music that is also offered for free. Upgrading to Spotify premium will allow you to unlock more features like unlimited skipping on songs, removal of ads, listening to songs offline and a lot more. Getting the premium option will also allow you to play Spotify on your desktop, mobile phone or tablets. 

If you’re a music lover, Spotify app should suffice your hunger for music and will entertain you to your heart’s content. But it may also cost you too much data, which may affect you negatively if you’re on a limited data plan for your cellular data service. 

However, there are few things that should help you reduce the cellular data usage when streaming music on the Spotify app. You’ll find that information as you read the contents below.

Alter Spotify App Settings and optimize iPhone Spotify App

Time Needed : 05 minutes

To acquire an efficient cellular data consumption when using the Spotify app, you can change the Spotify settings by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Spotify app and then select the Home tab.

    home optimize iphone spotify app

  2. Look for the Settings (gear icon) option at the top-right corner.

    settings optimize iphone spotify app

  3. Tap on Music Quality.

    music quality optimize iphone spotify app

  4. Adjust the stream quality to Automatic.

    automatic optimize iphone spotify app

  5. You can also set the download quality to Very High, if you prefer.

    download optimize iphone spotify app

  6. Disable the Download Using Cellular option. That means that you can only download music if Wi-Fi access is available.

    disable optimize iphone spotify app

    And there you go. These settings should help you save cellular data consumption, especially if your data plan is limited.

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These Spotify settings should also let you stream or download high quality music if you’re on Wi-Fi connection, which means a more enjoyable music experience. It is also recommended to use these Spotify settings even if  you’re in an unlimited data plan. That should help you allocate more data on other stuff on your iPhone. 

If you know someone who needs to optimize iPhone Spotify app and minimize their data consumption, feel free to share this article or help them on how to do it. Thank you.