Nvidia Shield Debuts


The fusion of smartphone and game console continues as the new Nvidia Shield debuts. One of the things that has made users chagrin is the fact that if they own something like the iPad 3 they only ever pick it up to play video games. In a subtle way, this seems to indicate that there is, in fact, a market for handheld consoles based on the smart technology we have become accustomed to such as iPad and Android. The Nvidia Shield is Nvidia and Android’s answer to the growing handheld gaming market, and let’s sees how it stacks up against the competition.

At a somewhat hefty price of $299, the Nvidia Shield promises bigger and badder graphics hardware than we have seen so far in this market. It also comes with a game controller that looks like it was ported directly from an Xbox. While the device is big like a camera, it is also a sleek and powerful little game machine.

Source: The Verge