How to fix No Service error on an iPhone XS, cannot connect to cellular data network [Troubleshooting Guide]

A No service error denotes a network connection error, which prevents your device from establishing network connection and so you won’t be able to use network connectivity features of your phone. Basic services like SMS and MMS messaging, calling, and mobile data/internet connection are likewise unavailable. Network-related errors like this No service is the fact that they’re inevitable.

But on the positive note, these errors are often rectifiable by some workarounds at home for as long as network outage or hardware damage doesn’t exist. In case you wonder what to do whenever you will encounter the same error on your new iPhone XS, I’ve mapped out some standard procedures and generic solutions as free reference. Read on to find out what options to try on when dealing with a No service error on your new iPhone XS.

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How to troubleshoot iPhone XS with No Service error?

Before you troubleshoot software problems that may have triggered this error to occur, make sure you’re within your network’s coverage area. Needless to say, your phone won’t be able to connect to your network if you’re already out of coverage or way farther from your network base/tower. If location isn’t the issue and you’re still getting a No service error on your iPhone, verify and ensure that mobile data or cellular data is enabled on your device settings. Cellular data or mobile data must be enabled to use data for Internet browsing. If all the requisites are met but you’re iPhone XS is still prompting the same No service error on the status bar, then go ahead and try any of these subsequent solutions.

First solution: Turn mobile data off and on then restart your iPhone XS.

Like any other features, cellular network or data services also experience random glitches that can easily be remedied by turning the feature off and back on. Thus consider this as the first workaround to try on. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Tap Cellular or Mobile Data option.
  3. Then tap the switch next to cellular or mobile data to disable the feature.

Restart or soft reset your iPhone XS then head back to Settings-> Cellular or Mobile Data, then tap the switch to enable the feature again. This will refresh cellular network functions of your phone.

For starters, a soft reset on the iphone xS is similar to that of the iPhone X. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Press and hold the Side button and either Volume button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  2. Release both buttons when the Slide to Power off command appears.
  3. Drag the Power off slider to the right to turn off the phone.
  4. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Side button again until the Apple logo appears then release.

Performing a soft reset also clears minor software errors that trigger random issues including those that are related to network services.

Second solution: Check for and manually update carrier settings on your iPhone XS.

To check for and install a carrier settings update on your iPhone XS, your device must be connected to the Internet. Since you can’t connect to the Internet via cellular data, you can use Wi-Fi instead. Once connected, proceed with these steps:

  1. Tap Settings from Home.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Then tap About.

You will be prompted with an option to update your carrier settings if an update is available. Just follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process. Don’t forget to restart your iPhone XS afterwards to ensure that all new changes are properly applied.

Also note that you will be required to download the carrier settings for your new carrier if you happen to switch to or use a new SIM card into your iPhone XS.

Installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone can also help rectify similar issues. The iPhone XS comes with iOS 12 as its built-in OS version. The latest iOS version available to-date is iOS 12.1 (beta). Check if that is already available for your device and if it is, then you may also consider updating your iPhone system.

  • To check for new software update on your iPhone XS, navigate to Settings-> General-> Software Update menu.

You should see an update notification if a new iOS version is available to download and install.

Third solution: Reset network settings on your iPhone XS.

Invalid or incorrect network configuration on the phone can also cause No service and other relevant errors to occur. If you start seeing the error after modifying some settings on your iPhone XS, then reverting the changes can help. Some updates can also trigger occurrence of pertinent errors. To clear this out, perform a network settings reset to delete all customized network settings and then restore the default network settings on the phone. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll to and tap Reset.
  4. Select the option to Reset Network Settings.
  5. If prompted, enter your device passcode to continue.
  6. Then tap the option to confirm network settings reset.

Allow your device to finish reverting the network settings back to their default or original values. When the reset is finished, your iPhone restarts by itself. After it reboots, reattempt to connect to cellular or mobile data and see if the error is gone.

Fourth solution: Remove and reinstall your SIM card.

SIM card problems can also be deemed among the underlying causes. It’s possible that the error is due to the SIM card system that’s glitching or the SIM card itself is dislodged from the tray. To make sure this isn’t the root-cause of the problem, remove and reinstall the SIM card on your iPhone XS with these steps:

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Locate the SIM tray on the side of your iPhone XS.
  3. Then insert the SIM ejector or paper clip into the small hole beside the tray.
  4. Gently push in towards the phone to eject the card tray. Don’t force it to prevent causing damage.
  5. Remove the SIM card from the SIM card tray. Check the card for any visible signs of damage like scratches or liquid traces. If everything looks good, place the SIM card back into the SIM card tray in the same position before you remove it.
  6. When the SIM card is secured in place, push the SIM card tray back in until it clicks into place and is flush with the side of the phone.

Turn your iPhone back on by pressing on the Side button until the Apple logo appears. Then see if the No service error is gone.

You may have to resort to a master reset or factory reset your iPhone XS if it still prompts a No service error and is unable to connect to cellular data network after performing all applicable solutions. Doing so can help clear out major system errors that may have caused the network system to fail and unable to establish network connections. Just don’t forget to back up your data beforehand because everything will be deleted in the process. A factory reset can be carried out through your iPhone XS settings menu or through iTunes on a computer.

Or you can promptly escalate the problem to your network service provider or Apple Support for further assistance and official recommendations. If your iPhone XS is already showing a No Service error from the moment you turn it on from unboxing and the error persists after applying all possible workarounds, then that can be deemed a factory defect and is therefore subject for warranty. Contact your carrier to verify and ensure that your account status is active, in good standing, set up with the right data plan, and isn’t blocked from receiving cellular services. In addition, make sure that there are no ongoing outages in your area. .

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