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7 Best iPad Pro 12.9 Case With Keyboard

iPad Pro 12.9 Case With Keyboard

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a big tablet. It essentially has a screen as large as a small laptop, just without the keyboard. That makes the iPad Pro overall a little more difficult to use — not only is it harder to keep a handle on the tablet while you’re on the go, but it’s also a

How To Fix Apple iPhone SE Network Connection Error

Network connectivity issues like signal drops, poor reception, and no signal are among the most inevitable problems encountered by smartphone users. Network problems can occur to any smartphone, from basic to the highest tiered handsets like the iPhone SE. Despite the embedded advanced network technology for both wireless and cellular support, this small power iOS

Apple iPhone SE Troubleshooting Guide: Why Is My iPhone SE Very Slow?

The #Apple iPhone SE (#iPhoneSE) is a palm-friendly handset Apple has added to its popular iPhone line-up. Released on March of last year, this smaller iPhone flagship device comes with many great features, in which the majority of them are likewise embedded into the previous iPhone 6 variants. That being said, this iPhone is also

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus camera is blurry and not working properly

There has been an increase in the number of #iPhone6 and #iPhone6Plus camera-related concerns reaching us lately so we decided to publish another post to address the issue. If your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus camera is blurry and not working properly, you’re reading the right thread. How to fix camera is blurry and not working properly

7 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites With No Sign Up in 2020

Movie streaming subscriptions can quickly add-up. $10 here, $8 there, etc. Soon enough, you’re paying $50 a month for movie subscriptions that you may or may not use. However, if there’s still content that you want to watch, but on another platform, you don’t necessarily need to subscribe to a new platform to watch that

iPhone Speaker Not Working? Here’s How You Fix It!

An iPhone speaker not working issue can be mainly associated with a hardware defect. This could occur if you’ve accidentally dropped your phone and have incurred a physical strain. Faulty software updates could also trigger such issues to occur. Random bugs may attack certain functions like the speaker on your iPhone and may cause relevant

My iPhone Won’t Send Emails. Here’s The Fix!

Are you trying to send an important message to someone via email but unable to do so because your iPhone won’t send emails? Learn why this error happens and find out how to fix this dreaded problem on your iPhone as you read further.  As technology expands and innovations are everywhere, electronic mail or email

iPhone Facebook Keeps Crashing After iOS 13.3. Here’s The Fix!

Having an iPhone Facebook keeps crashing issue after installing the latest iOS version? Find out how you can possibly overcome this error by reading the contents of this article.  One of the most heavily used social media apps is Facebook. But that also means a lot of issues are reported for this specific app. Common

My Macbook Pro Won’t Turn On. Here’s the Fix!

If you have a Macbook Pro won’t turn on issue, you might feel disappointed as it is a powerful device that is expected to provide quality service. But like any other gadgets, the Macbook Pro isn’t protected against random errors that will surface throughout its usage. And this is what happened to other Macbook pro

My MacBook Air Won’t Turn On. Here’s How To Fix It!

Having Macbook Air won’t turn on problem might be a devastating experience to most users. Every device nowadays like the Macbook Air seems to be not exempted from these kinds of problems. Just imagine if you have an important business or anything that needs your Macbook to fulfill and you won’t be able to do

iPhone Wont Charge? Here Are 3 Ways To Fix It

If an iPhone won’t charge, then it’s likely to have a bad battery. This is why most people think. But in contrary, charging issues in iOS devices are often tied to software glitches. This means that the charging system isn’t working as intended. In this post, I will guide you in troubleshooting your iPhone that