New rumor reaffirms stylus support on the iPad Pro with Force Touch

iPad Pro Concept

We have heard plenty about the upcoming #Apple #iPadPro tablet in leaks and rumors. A new report is now telling us that the tablet will feature a full blown stylus, with support for Force Touch baked in.

This is something that we’ve heard of before as well, so it’s not particularly surprising to us. The use of a stylus implies that Apple is targeting the creative minds with this new offering, while the market is only used to seeing styluses on Samsung’s Android based #GalaxyNote devices. The iPad Pro is said to be packing a 12.9 inch display with a resolution of  2048 × 2732 pixels, which means a stylus could come in handy on the device.

The report leaves a lot to our imagination and doesn’t clarify if Force Touch will be enabled on the display or the stylus itself, so there’s still some mystery surrounding the feature. We’re hoping to gather more information on this particular feature over the coming days though.

While most reports have suggested that Apple will release the iPad Pro in September, we’re expecting the company to wait till October to unveil the new tablet. Do you think the addition of a phablet will make the iPad Pro an interesting prospect for the budget market? Sound off below.

Via: 9to5Mac

Image Credit: Martin Hajek