Common fixes for network-related connectivity errors on iPhone XR devices after iOS 13.2 update [Troubleshooting Guide] 

Are you currently experiencing network-related connectivity errors on your iPhone XR devices after updating to iOS 13.2? You’re in luck as this post will tackle different call problems and provide solutions that will help you fix the problem. Continue reading to find out how.

iOS 13.2 update has been released recently and is meant to address several issues from the latter iOS 13 version just like Mail problems, bugs that’s preventing apps to download contents in the background and other reported errors. It seems that Apple is busy releasing follow up patches on their devices. Though the current iOS version is not a major update, it still provides important logs. However, some users who installed the latest iOS version has experienced call connectivity-related errors and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

These types of errors that usually occur after installing a new software version could be triggered by random bugs that’s embedded on the software patch. During updates, there are tendencies that settings will be altered automatically without your awareness due to iOS overrides. This phenomenon could escalate to different problems and issues just like the call connectivity-related errors.

Linked in this article are fixes to some of the common issues reported that is related to network connectivity errors. If you’ve got an iPhone XR and experienced network-related connectivity errors on them, continue reading and find out how you can fix the problem.


Network-related connectivity errors that occurred on iPhone XR after iOS 13.2 update

When the original iOS 13 update was released, a lot of iOS users got excited due to its promising features and interface updates. However, as more users installed the new iOS version, a lot of issues have been reported to Apple support. One notable bug that the iOS 13 update brought is a bug that affects Wi-Fi connectivity and functions. Apparently, Apple released iOS 13.1 later on to address the issues and then iOS 13.2 as a follow up patch. Apple users should rejoice as Apple has been committed in releasing fixes to reported errors, but as any updates that have been released, bugs and glitches are inevitable.

Few of the reported errors after that is related to network connectivity after installing iOS 13.2 on iPhone XR are personal hotspot not working, cannot receive calls, poor Wi-Fi reception or weak signal, incoming call delays and keeps on disconnecting from a Wi-Fi network. Some of them are minor errors that could get fixed easily. To help out those affected users, we created articles that provides common fixes to these errors. If you find yourself tangled into the same situation and if you’re using an iPhone XR, feel free to review the posts that we’ve written. I’ll list some of them below with links that will open the corresponding articles.


Common network-related connectivity errors on iPhone XR after iOS 13.2 update

These issues have been provided with workarounds that will help you deal with network-related connectivity errors.

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The workarounds that you can find on those articles are proven effective in dealing with connectivity errors that are related to network issues, so go ahead and give them a try. You can also visit the other articles and equip yourself with knowledge that might come in handy in the future.