My iPhone is not charging. Here’s what you need to do before going to the tech.

When a high-end device like your iPhone is not charging anymore, the problem could only be minor. Before you bring the phone to the tech, it’s best that perform some troubleshooting procedure as you may be able to fix this problem on your own. 

In this post, I will walk you through in troubleshooting your Apple iPhone that won’t charge. I will share with you some of the most practical troubleshooting procedures, so if you’re one of the iPhone owners that’s having problems charging their device, continue reading as this article may be able to help you. 

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Perform the Forced Restart to fix iPhone that’s not charging

Before doing anything with your device, you must perform the forced restart, because this problem can be just due to a minor firmware crash or even a glitch. Here’s how it’s done: 

For iPhone 8 and later

Press and quickly release the Volume Up key and then the Volume Down key.

Immediately after releasing the Volume Down key, press and hold the Side key until you see the Apple logo.

For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Press and hold both the Side and Volume Down keys for at least 10 seconds.

When you see the Apple logo, release the keys.

For iPhone 6s and earlier

Press and hold both the Home and the Top or Side keys for at least 10 seconds.

When you see the Apple logo, release the keys.

After doing the forced reboot, try to see if your iPhone is now charging. If still not, then it’s time to troubleshoot further. 

Make sure it’s not an issue with the charger and cable

If the forced restart didn’t work, the next thing you have to do is check the charger and cable as one of them may not be working properly. 

Look into the port of the charger to see if there’s a lint or debris in it. Most of the time, anything that gets into it easily can also be removed easily. But if there’s something in it that sticks, then use an anti-static brush to get rid of it. A dry toothbrush may do. 

Then, check the cable to see if it’s still in good condition. The charging or data cables of Apple devices are prone to fraying. If you see some irregularities in the cable, then that could be the reason why your iPhone is not charging. 

If possible, use a different to charge your iPhone. Also, you can verify if it’s an issue with the cable if your computer cannot detect the device. 

Assuming that there’s no problem with the charger and cable but your iPhone is still not charging, then move on to another procedure. 

Check the charging of your iPhone that’s not charging

You also need to check the charge port of your device as something may have been stuck in it. Use a brush to clean it or get rid of any foreign materials. For debris that is hard to get, you may use a pair of tweezers to do the job. 

Schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar

If you’ve done the procedures and your iPhone is still not charging, then it’s time to get an Apple tech check the phone for you especially if it gets detected and recognized by your computer or Mac but still not charging. It is clear at this point that the problem could be in one of the charging components. 

As long as your iPhone doesn’t have a sign of physical or liquid damage, you may get a replacement unit depending on how bad the damage is. If it’s still possible, create a backup of your important files and data and then reset your iPhone prior to tech repair. 

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