Mario Kart Tour Now Available for Download on the App Store

Nintendo’s hotly-anticipated racing game for mobile devices, Mario Kart Tour, was expected to arrive on mobile devices in March this year. Multiple delays since then have pushed its arrival. Thankfully the game is finally live with Nintendo bringing the game to both iOS and Android platforms earlier today.

This is the first time Nintendo is bringing the popular Mario Kart series to mobile devices. The gameplay on Mario Kart Tour is every bit as good while Nintendo has even built tracks in the game that are based on real cities while also including some of the legacy circuits that older gamers will be accustomed to.


As is the case with most games, Mario Kart Tour is free to download but comes with in-app purchases that can help you progress further. The game can be played alone against AI or using a combination of one-on-one as well as multiplayer combat with other players from around the world. Mario Kart Tour will also have a global ranking system for this game mode.

The gameplay has been optimized to work with a single finger. For example, users can steer, drift or use special items using just one finger. As you would expect, the game is also compatible with iPads and is tailored to adjust accordingly, making it easier to split controls for larger screens.

Fans are finally glad to have the game on their mobile devices, and it’s no surprise that Mario Kart Tour has already rocketed to the #1 spot in the Racing category. You can download the app for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch from the link here.

Via: Apple Insider