How to Manually Offload an App on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through manually deleting an application while keeping relevant app data on an iPhone running on iOS 16 or later version. Here’s a quick guide to manually offload an app on the Apple iPhone 14 series.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Every iPhone offers a lot of ways to free up storage whenever it’s running low on memory. One of these is the iOS feature called Offload App. This feature can be utilized manually or automatically to free up internal storage space on your iOS device.

Depicted below is the actual process of manually offloading an application on the latest iPhone 14 devices. Just follow these steps if you need help.

  1. 1. To begin, launch the iOS Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon on the Home screen.

    manually offload app iphone 14 1

    You can also access the Settings app shortcut from the App library. Just look for the gear-shaped icon then tap on it to launch the settings app.

  2. 2. While in the iOS settings menu, scroll to find then tap General.

    manually offload app iphone 14 2

    Another menu opens with system management features and relevant options.

  3. 3. Tap iPhone Storage from the given options to proceed.

    manually offload app iphone 14 3

    More details about your iPhone’s storage usage such as used and available storage data will show up on the next screen. Beneath the storage details is a list of all installed apps and their storage usage.

  4. 4. Scroll to find the app that you’d like to offload.

    manually offload app iphone 14 4

    Just tap on the desired app once you find it. Tapping on an app will take you to the app info screen.

  5. 5. While in the App’s info screen, tap the Offload App button.

    manually offload app iphone 14 5

    A pop-up warning will show up beneath the display. 

  6. 6. Read the warning prompt then tap Offload App to confirm.

    manually offload app iphone 14 6

    The app will then be removed from the system but its documents and relevant data remain.

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To offload another app, just repeat the same steps to return to the iPhone Storage menu where you can see the list of all apps installed in the system. Select the desired application then tap follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to confirm offloading.

The option to offload apps was first introduced in iOS 11. This gives iPhone users an option to keep an app data even after deleting the app itself. As a result, a portion of the local storage has been cleared and therefore, more storage space is added.

The app documents and data will be kept in the local memory of your iPhone, so you can always retrieve and use them again once you reinstall the offloaded application.

Automatic App Offloading

If you want your iPhone to automatically offload apps that are no longer in use for a long time, you can enable the Offload Unused Apps option in the App Store.

  • You can access and manage this feature by heading over to your iPhone Settings-> App Store menu, then turn on the switch to enable the Offload Unused Apps feature.

With this feature enabled, any unused app on your iPhone will then be automatically deleted but all documents and data for the app are kept. Reinstalling the app will place back all its relevant information for as long as it is still available in the App Store.

And that’s how you offload individual applications on the new iPhone 14 smartphone.

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