How to Access and Manage Blocked Sender Options on Apple iPhone SE 2021 Mail

This post will help you access the iOS 13 Mail app settings where you can view blocked senders or contacts and manage blocked sender options on the Apple iPhone SE 2020 smartphone. Read on to learn how to access and manage blocked sender options on the iPhone SE 2020 Mail application.

Blocking Contacts/Email Senders in iOS 13 Mail App

The iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 have brought in a number of privacy and security features to the receiving devices. Among these is the so-called Block Sender feature that is specifically designed to automatically archive new email from a particular sender in the stock Mail app. The Block Sender feature also allows you to block a certain contact from sending emails with the Mail app.

What Happens when you Blocked an Email Sender in Mail?

New email notifications from anyone in the blocked list won’t show up on your device but will still appear in your inbox. An indication that the email comes from a blocked contact is a gray hand icon next to the preview line.

If you don’t want to see any email from a blocked sender in your inbox at all, then you can adjust some settings in the Mail app that would send any new email from a blocked contact straight to the trash.

In case you’re wondering how to access and manage this setting on your new iPhone SE 2020, I’ve created a step-by-step walkthrough for you to follow. Here’s how to access and manage Blocked Sender Options on the recently rolled special edition iOS smartphone.

Easy Steps to Access and Manage Blocked Sender Options on the iPhone SE 2020 Mail App

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps will let you access the iOS 13 Mail app settings menu where you can choose what to do with all the email sent by blocked contacts or senders on the iPhone SE 2020. These steps are likewise applicable to other iOS devices that are running the same iOS version as that of the new iPhone SE. Actual screen and menu items may however vary between device models and service providers.

  1. When ready, go to the Home screen and then tap the Settings icon.

    Doing so will launch the main settings menu that highlights the iOS 13 basic and advanced features you can manage and utilize.

    manage blocked senders option iphone se2020-settings

  2. Locate then tap Mail to continue.

    Another screen opens with the Mail app settings and features.

    manage blocked senders option iphone se2020-mail

  3. To view the mail app blocked list, scroll down to the Threading section and then tap Blocked.

    All existing blocked contacts and senders will be displayed on the next screen.

    Here, you can see the options to add new contacts to block as well as the Edit command to edit or delete anyone from the blocked list.

    manage blocked senders option iphone se2020-blocked

  4. To proceed with this guide, go back to the main settings menu of the Mail app and then tap Blocked Sender Options.

    Another window opens with a number of relevant options and features you can turn on or off.

    manage blocked senders option iphone se2020-blsndropt

  5. Under the Actions section, you can see that the Leave in inbox option is selected. This denotes that emails coming from any of the blocked senders or contacts will still show in the inbox but marked as blocked.

    To change this, tap to select Move to Trash.

    Doing so will prompt the mail app to automatically delete or move all emails from blocked senders to trash.

    manage blocked senders option iphone se2020-trash

  • iOS 13.6.2
  • Apple iPhone SE 2020

Should you wish to leave blocked emails in the inbox, then you can always revert the changes back to the default selection.

Aside from blocking emails, the iOS 13 also offers another handy feature for blocking spam calls. Such a feature is called Silence Unknown Callers. When enabled, this feature will automatically silence a call from any spam or unknown callers.

Hope this helps!

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Hope this helps!

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