JXD Android Handheld Gaming Devices

It is a well known fact that Chinese electronics markets are filled with low quality, inexpensive rip offs of popular devices like iPads and iPhones and other Large displayed Android phones. But these particular rip offs of Sony’s PSP handheld gaming console is worth mentioning for two reasons. First, there are no mainstream Android based handheld gaming consoles, and second, going at least by the hardware specifications, these cheap copies are no slouches.

First is the JXD S602 Sony PSP look alike. This device copies the exact same design as the original PSP, right down to the circular logo area at the back, which in this case, is marked by the Android bot logo. Also, the JXD S62 lacks PSP’s joysticks and only comes with the D-Pad and direction keys. In addition, it gets a few more buttons that seem like menu buttons and back key and home button.

On the hardware front, the  JXD S602 comes with an ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor, PowerVR SGX531 graphics, Wi-Fi and 512MB of DDR3 RAM. The screen is a resistive touch display with a resolution of 480×272. The device also comes with Full HD HDMI port and Wi-Fi. The hardware might not be anywhere near that of the original PSP, but it is powerful enough to run many classic Atari, SAGA, Nintendo and PlayStation 1 emulated games. Also, running on Android 4.0 means, it has access to the million of casual games from Google Play. The game is also a decent media player, with support for a wide range of digital formats.

For the price of just $66, it is more than one could ask for, but be warned against shoddy build quality and non existent after sales support.

The next device is JXD S5110. This one is an even more powerful, Sony PSP Vita rip off. The PSP Vita design aside, the JXD S5110 is similar to the JXD S602 to some extent, but comes with a bigger, 5 inch display, with better resolution. Also, with the JXD S5110, you get the PSP joystick on the left side and even a webcam. This device costs $95.99.

Again, if you decide on buying one of these device, be ready ready to brave the poor build quality and possible breakdown that will not be easy to fixed.

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Source: CNET