How To Fix iTunes Error 0xE8000015 On Apple iPhone XS Max, Device Not Recognized

One of the most common iTunes errors encountered by iPhone owners is the unknown error 0xE8000015. It is usually accompanied with a message prompt that says, “iTunes error 0xe8000015″  or “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone, an unknown error occurred (0xe8000015).” This error usually occurs when you are trying to connect your iPhone to the computer to restore system with iTunes.

In case you will bump into the same iTunes error when trying to update, restore, or manage contents on your iPhone XS Max in iTunes, I’ve lined up a few possible solutions for you to refer to. Read on to learn how to deal with iTunes error 0xE8000015 on your iPhone XS Max.

How to troubleshoot iPhone XS Max that can’t be recognized by iTunes

Before troubleshooting, unplug any other USB devices from your computer’s USB port except for the mouse and keyboard. Doing so will prevent any other external devices from interfering with your iPhone and iTunes syncing process. Move on and try the following methods to rule out software-related factors from the underlying cause.

First solution: Update your iPhone software to the latest version

Updates do offer bug fixes, hence can potentially solve the problem if the error is triggered by some system bugs on your iOS device. Aside from eliminating system bugs, updating the device software will also rule out incompatibility issues or system conflicts. If your iPhone software isn’t compatible with that of your computer, chances are that your device won’t be supported. So here’s what you can try doing first:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Software Update.

If an update is available, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install update on your iPhone XS Max. Restart the phone then try to connect to iTunes and see if the error is gone.

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Second solution: Disable restrictions on your iPhone XS Max

Another factor that can possible halt or limit access to certain apps and programs are restrictions. This is likely the case if restrictions are enabled on your iPhone XS Max. To eliminate this from the possible causes, try to disable restrictions on your iOS device with these steps:

  1. Tap Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Then, tap Screen Time.
  3. Select Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  4. Then follow the onscreen instructions to disable restrictions on your phone.

Try to connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes after disabling restrictions on your phone.

Third solution: Update iTunes and computer OS

Installing the latest version of iTunes and software version of your computer is also imperative to make sure both the iTunes app and computer system are at their ultimate performance. Updates also help clear out system errors that caused conflicts to certain programs or files on your computer, including iTunes data.

  1. To install the latest update for your computer firmware or operating system, just follow the update link that’s usually found in Windows security or system panel.
  2. If you’re using a Mac, simply navigate to System Preferences from the Apple menu, then choose Software Update from the given options.

If you downloaded iTunes from Apple’s website, please refer to these steps to update iTunes on your Windows computer:

  1. Open iTunes app on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the menu bar at the top of the iTunes windows then click Help.
  3. Then select the option to Check for Updates.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the latest version.

If you don’t see an option to Check for Updates from the Help menu, then it’s an indication that you downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store. In that case, contact Microsoft Support for further assistance.

Meanwhile, if you’re using iTunes on macOS 10.14 Mojave, you can get the latest version of iTunes by updating the software on your Mac itself. This is because iTunes comes among other pre-installed apps on macOS. So here’s what you should do then:

  1. Go to Apple menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Click on Software Update.

Wait for your computer to check for updates and then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install available update.

Fourth solution: Disable security software on the computer

Security software such as antivirus and firewall are also the common culprits. To make sure this isn’t barring your iPhone XS Max from syncing to iTunes, try to disable any security software on your computer. These tools are designed to serve such purpose and that’s what they do. If the security software detects some threat the moment you plug your iPhone into the USB port, it’s either your iPhone will be totally blocked or restricted. If it’s restricted, the iPhone may still be able to connect to iTunes but its access to the system is limited. This results to not being able to use some features and functions of iTunes. In this case, there’s a higher chance that the iPhone is totally blocked by the software since iTunes is unable to recognize it.

The only way to confirm is to disable the security software and then connect your iPhone without them. If the error doesn’t occur without any security software activated on your computer, then it means that the problem is with the software and that’s what you need to work on. You can configure or manage the security software to set some exceptions for your iPhone XS Max or disable it completely. You can re-enable the software once you’re done restoring, updating or managing your iOS contents through iTunes.

Fifth solution: Reset the Lockdown Folder on your computer

Deleting the Lockdown Folder on your computer will trigger iTunes to recreate the directory thereby offering a higher chance of fixing the unknown error 0xE8000015. That said, you may resort to this method to get rid of the iTunes 0xE error.

If you’re using iTunes on Windows, follow these steps to delete the lockdown folder:

  1. Open the Run command by pressing Windows + R key on your keyboard.
  2. On the textbox, enter %ProgramData% then click OK to confirm command.
  3. Find Apple folder then double-click on it.
  4. Finally, delete the Lockdown folder.

If you’re using iTunes on Mac, follow these steps to delete the Lockdown Folder:

  1. Navigate to Finder-> Go-> Go to Folder.
  2. Type /var/db/ lockdown into the provided field then press the Return key to confirm.
  3. Choose all the items in the Lockdown folder and delete them from your computer.

Reboot your computer afterwards then reconnect your iPhone XS Max and see if the error is gone.

Seek more help

You can ask further assistance from Microsoft support or Apple Support if none of the given procedures is able to fix the iTunes error 0xE8000015 when attempting to manage your iPhone XS Max on your computer. There might be some settings on the computer that need to be configured or drivers that need to be deleted, removed or installed for iTunes to recognize your iOS device the moment it’s plugged into the USB port. Just let them know about the problem you’re into as well as the methods you’ve done in an attempt to solve the problem on your end.

Alternatively, you can use iTunes alternatives to manage your iPhone XS Max. Just choose the software that’s compatible with your computer and supports iOS 12 devices, particularly iPhone XS Max. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the preferred iOS management tool to use, connect your iPhone to the computer then see if it works as intended.

I hope that we’ve been able to help you fix the problem with your device. We would appreciate it if you helped us spread the word so please share this post if you found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading!


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