How to fix an Apple iPhone XS that is stuck on headphone mode, speakers not working [Troubleshooting Guide]

Do you have an iPhone XS that’s stuck on headphone mode? Learn why it happens and how to fix it as you read further. 

You are certain that no headphones are plugged in to your iPhone XS headphone jack but for some reasons, you still see a Headphones volume indicator when you adjust the volume level on your device. But what’s more unusual is that when you play audio files or launch sound apps, sounds don’t play from your phone’s speakers. If this happens to your iPhone, then there’s a higher chance that your device has obtained some sort of physical or liquid damage.

But before rushing to a service center, there are a few workarounds you can try on your end. These workarounds will help you rule out software errors that might have caused your iPhone’s headphone system to act up like this. Read on to find out what to do whenever your iPhone XS suddenly gets stuck on headphone mode.

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Time Needed : 15 minutes

  1. Force restart your iPhone XS.

    If this is the first time your iPhone XS gets stuck on headphone mode, then most probably it’s just a random glitch. Should that be the underlying cause, then restarting the phone will likely fix it. Performing a soft reset or force restart on the iPhone XS will do. u003cbru003eTo soft reset your iPhone XS, follow these steps: Press and hold the u003cstrongu003eSide/Power buttonu003c/strongu003e and either u003cstrongu003eVolume buttons u003c/strongu003esimultaneously for a few seconds. Release the buttons when the u003cstrongu003eSlide to Power Off u003c/strongu003ecommand appears. Drag the power off slider to the right. After 30 seconds, press and hold the u003cstrongu003ePower/Side buttonu003c/strongu003e again until the phone boots up.u003cbru003eIf your iPhone remains stuck after performing a soft reset, then try a force restart instead. Doing so forces any rogue apps to quit and as your phone reboots. Thus, any rogue apps that caused your device to get stuck is cleared out in the process. To force restart your iPhone XS, refer to these steps: Press and quickly release theu003cstrongu003e Volume Up button.u003c/strongu003e Then press and quickly release the u003cstrongu003eVolume Down button.u003c/strongu003e Finally, press and hold the u003cstrongu003eSide/Power buttonu003c/strongu003e until the Apple logo appears.u003cbru003eBoth a soft reset and force restart don’t result to data loss as they won’t affect any saved data on the phone’s internal memory.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cimg src=u0022 alt=u0022force restart iphone speaker not workingu0022 style=u0022width: 400px;u0022u003e

  2. Toggle Bluetooth on and off.

    To make sure that this isn’t a Bluetooth connection glitch, try toggling the Bluetooth switch on and off. This should refresh your phone’s Bluetooth functions and likewise ensures that the feature is disabled. Here’s what you should do then: Navigate to u003cstrongu003eSettings-u003e Bluetoothu003c/strongu003e menu. Toggle the u003cstrongu003eBluetooth switch u003c/strongu003eto turn the feature u003cstrongu003eONu003c/strongu003e. Soft reset your iPhone. Go back to u003cstrongu003eSettings-u003e Bluetoothu003c/strongu003e menu. Then toggle the Bluetooth switch u003cstrongu003eOFF u003c/strongu003eto disable the feature again.u003cbru003eGive your iPhone another restart and then see if that clears out the headphone indicator.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cimg src=u0022 alt=u0022stuck on headphone modeu0022 style=u0022width: 400px;u0022u003e

  3. Delete Bluetooth connections on your iPhone XS.

    When your iPhone is glitching and you’ve got any savedu003ca href=u0022 Bluetooth connectionsu003c/au003e, then there is a chance that would think that it’s paired with any of the Bluetooth devices. To make sure this isn’t fooling your device, forget all Bluetooth connections on your iPhone XS. Here’s how it’s done: Head to u003cstrongu003eSettings-u003e Bluetooth u003c/strongu003emenu. Tap the u003cstrongu003einformation u0022iu0022 iconu003c/strongu003e next to the Bluetooth device. Tap the option to u003cstrongu003eForget this Device.u003c/strongu003e Then tap to confirm when asked. Follow the same steps to forget all saved Bluetooth devices on your phone. All saved Bluetooth devices will then be deleted. Restart your iPhone to refresh and clear cache from the memory then see if the problem is gone already.

  4. Reset all settings on your iPhone XS.

    This reset should rule out incorrect settings from the underlying cause. Consider this a must do if your iPhone XS started to get stuck on Headphone mode after customizing some settings or options. Here’s how it’s done: Tap u003cstrongu003eSettings u003c/strongu003efrom the Home screen. Select u003cstrongu003eGeneralu003c/strongu003e. Scroll down and tap on u003cstrongu003eResetu003c/strongu003e. Select the option to u003cstrongu003eReset all Settings.u003c/strongu003e Enter your device passcode, when asked to proceed.u003cbru003eThen tap the option to confirm settings reset.u003cbru003eAfter the reset, your iPhone will restart by itself and then restores the default options and original values. All customized options are then deleted.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cimg src=u0022 alt=u0022reset all settingsu0022 style=u0022width: 400px;u0022u003e

  5. Restore factory default settings on your iPhone XS.

    As your last resort, perform a factory reset through settings or in iTunes. The problem may have persisted because it’s very complex. To deal with complex system errors, carrying out system resets and restore is recommended. But before you do so, back up all your important files to iCloud or iTunes as they will also be deleted in the process. Once you’ve secured your backup, follow these steps to reset and restore your iPhone XS through settings: Head to u003cstrongu003eSettings-u003e General-u003e Reset u003c/strongu003emenu. Select the option to u003cstrongu003eErase all content and settings.u003c/strongu003e If prompted, enter your passcode to proceed. Then tap the option to confirm master reset. Wait for your phone to finish resetting and restoring factory default settings. Then it should reboot automatically.u003cbru003eIf that still failed to fix the problem, try to reset your iPhone in iTunes with these steps: Secure a later or latest version of Windows PC or Mac computer with the latest version of iTunes software installed. Plug your iPhone XS into your computer’s USB port using the supplied USB cable or Lightning cable. Open iTunes on your computer. Wait for iTunes to recognize and connect to your iOS device. Once connected, click on the u003cstrongu003eiPhone u003c/strongu003eicon on the left side of iTunes menu. Next, click the u003cstrongu003eRestore u003c/strongu003ebutton. You may choose to u003cstrongu003eBack Upu003c/strongu003e your important files from the iPhone to your computer drive. If prompted with iTunes to u003cstrongu003eRestore the iPhoneu003c/strongu003e and wipe all data and settings from the device, click the u003cstrongu003eRestore u003c/strongu003ebutton to confirm. Then wait for iTunes to erase then download and restore the software for your iPhone.u003cbru003eIf prompted, select the option to u003cstrongu003eSet Up as a New iPhone u003c/strongu003ethen follow the onscreen instructions to set up your iPhone XS. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cimg src=u0022 alt=u0022factory reset iphone no audiou0022 style=u0022width: 400px;u0022u003e

  • iOS 13.3
  • iPhone XS Max

If none of that works, then you’ve no other choice but service. The above solutions should be good enough to rule out software-related problems that may be causing your iPhone XS to be stuck in headphones mode. But if the problem persists, there can only be two more possible causes. And that would either be a damaged headphone jack or stuck debris in the headphone jack making the phone think that the headphones are plugged in. At this point, you can take your device to an Apple-authorized service center so it can be scrutinized by an iPhone technician for hardware damage indications. If physical or liquid damage is confirmed, then your iPhone needs repair. If your iPhone is still covered by warranty, then you can contact your device carrier before having it repaired. Doing so will ensure that you’re warranties won’t be voided.


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