How to fix Apple iPhone XS Max black screen of death issue?

Some owners of the Apple iPhone XS Max encountered the black screen of death issue that left their devices unresponsive. Naturally so, many thought the problem was with the hardware. But the thing is as long as your device hasn’t been dropped on a hard surface or got submerged in water for a long time, the black screen issue is just a software-related problem that you yourself can fix if you tried troubleshooting it.

In this article, I will walk you through in troubleshooting your iPhone XS Max with the black screen of death issue. I will share with you the solution that some users shared to have fixed their problems. So, if you’re one of the owners of this device and are currently being bugged by a similar problem, continue reading as this post may be able to help you one way or another.

For those who are looking for a solution to a different problem, drop by our troubleshooting page for we have already addressed some of the most common issues with this phone. Browse through the page to find issues that are similar with yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work for you or if you still need our help, contact us anytime through our iPhone issues questionnaire.

Here’s what you need to do if your iPhone XS Max has a black screen of death issue…

  1. Force reboot your iPhone XS Max.
  2. Charge your iPhone and do the forced reboot while it’s connected.
  3. Make a Genius Bar reservation.

While these steps are pretty self-explanatory, let me explain briefly why you need to do them and how…

The forced restart is very important when it comes to troubleshooting an iPhone XS Max with a black screen of death. It is a simulated battery removal procedure that would refresh your device’s memory as well as reload all its apps and services if done correctly. This is how you do it:

  1. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  2. Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears and then release it.

The moment you see that Apple logo on the screen, that’s the sign that the problem is fixed. Well, at least, you made it respond. If it won’t boot up to the Home screen successfully, that’s a different problem already. Try doing it a few more times if the device is still not responding after doing it for the first time.

However, if your iPhone XS Max remains to have a black screen, then try charging it. It’s possible that the battery got drained completely. The thing is if you allow your phone to run out of battery, some services and hardware components may not be properly shut down and this may cause the firmware to crash as well. As a result, you’re dealing with a couple of minor issues that both result to an unresponsive device. To tackle this, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Plug in the wired charger to a working wall outlet.
  2. Using the original lightning cable, connect your iPhone to its charger.
  3. Regardless whether your iPhone XS shows the charging sign or not, leave it connected to the charger for at least 10 minutes.
  4. After which, quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  5. Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  6. Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears and then release it.

If your phone boots up successfully after this, then problem solved, although the issue may occur again in the future. But at least now, you know what to do should it happen again. However, if it’s still unresponsive, then you must make a Genius Bar reservation and bring your iPhone XS Max in so that a technician can check it up for you.

I hope that we’ve been able to help you fix the problem with your device. We would appreciate it if you helped us spread the word so please share this post if you found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading!


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