How to fix Apple iPhone X screen burn, green lines, other odd screen color issues [Troubleshooting Guide]

Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED super retina display feature is the iPhone X for crystal clear viewing. This makes the iPhone X display ultra-sharp, clean and crisp, blinding whites and deeper blacks. It also allows the device to render a much more vivid image. All these are apparent proofs that the iPhone X is way better than the predecessor iPhones. But despite having such an advanced screen feature, the iPhone X is also not free from display issues. In face, some owners of the device have reported about iPhone green screen issues and this could also happen to you.

Screen Color Issues On iPhone?

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The fact is a number of iPhone X owners have noticed a number of odd screen outputs including static ghost images that burn into the screen when showing images for too long. Aside from screen burn-in, some users also noticed visible green lines along with other odd colors on the iPhone display. The problem has already been acknowledged by Apple, explicating that these are among the risks of an OLED display with time and use. On the positive note, affected users can resort to some workarounds to prevent or fix extreme screen burn-in and other odd screen color issues on the iPhone X. Read on for more information.

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Troubleshooting iPhone X with various screen-related problems

In this guide, I will walk you through in troubleshooting your iPhone X with various screen issues including the infamous iPhone green screen. As long as  your iPhone doesn’t have any signs of physical or liquid damage, these issues might have just been caused by a firmware problem. So, continue reading the solutions below as one of them may be able to help you one way or another.

First solution: Turn your iPhone off for some time then turn back on.

While screen burn-in can be deemed a permanent issue, it could also be an extreme case of image retention which can potentially dealt with by turning off the phone for some time (about 30 minutes to begin with), and then turn it back on.

  • To do so, press and hold the Side/Power button and either Volume Up or Down buttons simultaneously and then release both buttons when the Slide to Power Off menu appears. Then drag the power off slider to turn off your iPhone completely.

Leave your iPhone X powered off for 30 minutes and then turn it on again. If it still has some display issues such as the iPhone green screen, move on to the next solution. 

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Second solution: Manage display settings.

Display issues in mobile devices are often dealt with by managing some screen options and display features. With that said, you can try making some adjustments on your iPhone X display features including screen brightness, true tone, auto-lock and other relevant options.

Let’s begin with adjusting the iPhone X screen brightness. If your iPhone is showing odd screen colors or green lines with the screen brightness set to a lower level, try to increase or brighten your iPhone display.

  • To do so, head over to Settings-> Display & Brightness, then drag the Brightness slider to the left or right. Dragging to the right increases the screen brightness and lowers when dragged to the left.

Alternatively, you can enable Auto-brightness feature on your iPhone X. Doing so will generally stop the screen from becoming excessively or unnecessarily bright, thus mitigating the risks of screen burn while preserving battery life.

  • Auto-brightness can be accessed and managed through your iPhone X Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Display Accommodations menu.

Next, try to enable True Tone. With this feature enabled, your iPhone display automatically adapts the ambient lightning conditions, thus making colors look consistent in different environments. Here’s how to enable True Tone on your iPhone X:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Display & Brightness.
  3. Then tap the switch next to True Tone to enable the feature.

Among other helpful suggestions to prevent screen burn-in is the use of dynamic images as wallpaper instead of regular switching. Setting the iPhone screen to sleep after a short period of time can also help prevent any burn-in issues from occurring. Setting long auto-lock time is also discouraged as doing so may trigger occurrence of screen burn-in issue on the phone.

  • To manage this setting, go to Settings-> Display & Brightness-> Auto-lock menu, and then adjust the length of time of inactivity to turn the screen off more quickly when it’s idle.

Enabling automatic brightness control can also help.

  • To do so, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations menu, then tap to enable the feature.

Aside from auto-lock, the use of high-contrast images must also be avoided. High-contrast images are those with great contrast between dark and light, particularly those with charge edges between these extremes which appear in an after-image. To avoid high-contrast image, it’s recommended to select wallpapers with darker colors and change it every now and then.

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Third solution: Update iPhone X software to the latest iOS version.

As what Apple has suggested, burn-in issue can likewise be remedied by an update. The fact that it’s a known issue makes it possible for Apple to create a fix patch and that could be embedded in to the following iOS versions.

  • To check for updates via over-the-air, go to Settings-> General-> Software Update menu.

Your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi internet before to carry out over-the-air iOS downloading and installation. Ample power and at least 1GB of free storage space are also among other update requisites to meet.

The latest iOS version rolled out by Apple for later iOS devices including iPhone X is iOS version 12 and a beta iOS 12.1 version. Any of these updates may contain the required fix patch to address display issues. That said, updating iOS on your iPhone X is likewise worth a try.

Fourth solution: Reset all settings on your iPhone X.

It may also help to reset all settings on your iPhone to clear any customized settings that somehow triggered screen burn-in, green lines, and other odd color screen issues. Doing so will revert your iPhone X settings to their default values. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll to and tap Reset.
  4. Select Reset All Settings option.
  5. If prompted, enter your device passcode.
  6. Then tap the option to confirm all settings reset.

Reboot your iPhone when the reset is finished. As soon as it boots up, enable the features you want to use including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

If your iPhone X is still showing extreme screen-burn in, green lines, and other unusual screen colors, then you may still have to consider escalating the problem to your device carrier or Apple Support especially if that already affecting your overall iPhone experience. You can also ask for some other specific recommendations and/or any advanced workarounds to try on. Otherwise, ask if you can have your iPhone X screen replaced. And if that’s possible, don’t forget to avail for warranty.

iPhone Green Screen

This problem may have bugged many iPhone users over the years and while many believed it’s a hardware issue, it’s actually just a minor problem with the firmware, at least, most of the time. There were cases we’ve encountered that the green screen was caused by a physical damage. The best thing you can do about it is that you have to make sure that your phone doesn’t have any signs of physical or liquid damage because if it does, then there’s no point in troubleshooting your phone when you knew all along that the problem is with the hardware.

The troubleshooting procedures I cited in this post will help you fix any screen-related issues with your device including the iPhone green screen. I hope that we’ve been able to help you fix it one way or another.

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