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iPhone Troubleshooting

How to fix Facebook app that won’t open, doesn’t work on your iPhone 5

Facebook is a popular social media platform available on both Android and iOS devices. Many people utilize the platform for personal and business purposes, particularly for marketing. The fact that billions of people are using Facebook worldwide is good enough reason for the Facebook app developers to do any means to make the platform always

How to fix an iPhone XS that can’t send/receive picture messages (MMS)

Modern smartphones already integrate advanced messaging features thus they are now capable of sending and receiving multimedia messages over Wi-Fi or cellular data network through Multimedia Messaging service (picture messaging). This messaging service requires data connection that offers a special internet protocol that’s used to link up network devices over GPRS. Nonetheless, these advanced messaging

How to fix an iPhone 5 that’s stuck on white Apple logo

One of the dreaded problems that’s been plaguing several iOS device users is on the iPhone that’s stuck on white Apple logo. It’s when the phone couldn’t get past the Apple logo screen for some reason. Oftentimes, software-related factor such as bad updates, data corruption, rogue apps, malwares and system bugs are the main triggers.

How to fix Apple iPhone XR that stops sending messages after iOS update

The most common and convenient way of communicating between family members and friends aside from “vis-à-vis” conversation is through text messaging using smartphones. Besides call processing, texting is a basic yet very essential feature every smartphone integrates. Hence, having texting problems like sending or receiving failure will definitely give you some trouble. Nonetheless, there are

How to remove SIM card from iPhone XS

Removing and reinstalling the SIM card on the iPhone XS is often needed when dealing with SIM and network-related errors on the phone. If you’re new to iPhones and need some help on how to remove and/or insert the SIM card, then you can refer to this walkthrough. The following steps depict the standard SIM