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iPhone Troubleshooting

How to fix an iPhone 11 battery that drains so quickly after updating to iOS 13.2.3

Battery draining problems in mobile devices aren’t always due to a bad battery. In fact, most cases of battery draining are attributed to software issues on the affected device. The usual triggers are faulty updates. In iOS devices, battery draining issues usually manifest among other post-update problems. And for some reason, it still emerges among

iPhone 11 randomly crashes and gets stuck on black screen after iOS 13.2.3

When an iPhone suddenly endures random system crashes and unresponsiveness, it’s an indication that the system is erring. There are various reasons as to why these things could happen. If the onset of the problem occurs from an update, there’s a good chance that an update bug is the culprit. Just like what happens to

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro Max Mail app that stopped working after iOS 13.2.3 update

Many iPhone owners are utilizing the built-in email platform (Mail app) to process emails. The fact that it’s developed and maintained by Apple itself makes Mail a highly credible email processing application. With the constant iOS updates, Apple has made its email application easier and a lot more stable. However, this isn’t what some iPhone

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro screen flickering issue after updating to iOS 13.2.3

Contrary to what many people thought of display issues like screen flickering being caused by a damaged screen component, software-related factors like iOS bugs can also trigger occurrence of these symptoms. As a matter of fact, display issues including a flickering display have emerged among the post-update issues raised by some iPhone owners after installing