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How to Preserve Apple iPhone 6s Battery Life with Low Power Saving Mode

In this content, we highlight some of the widely used methods that would help preserve battery life on your Apple iPhone 6s (#Apple #iPhone6s) device. Read on to learn more battery saving tips you can use to extend and enhance your phone’s battery and make the most of the newly added features entrenched into this

How to fix my Apple iPhone 6s touchscreen that is responding very slowly, randomly freezing, or completely unresponsive touchscreen [Troubleshooting Guide]

Touchscreen problems in mobile devices like delayed response or a completely unresponsive touchscreen can be an indication of hardware damage particularly on relevant components within the display circuit board of the device. Common symptoms are screen flickering and no display. However there are also some touchscreen issues that are caused by software problems like sluggish

How to fix Apple iPhone 6s that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

Power issues can occur anytime to any device whether it’s new or old. Oftentimes, these issues are tied to a faulty hardware but in some rare cases, some buggy apps may also trigger the device not to power on. Even the latest highest-tiered #Apple the devices like the iPhone 6s (#iPhone6s) can also be inflicted

Apple iPhone 6s Screen Rotation Problems: Screen Won’t Rotate, Stuck on Portrait mode, Stuck on Landscape mode, gyroscope or accelerometer not working [Troubleshooting Guide]

Smartphones are designed to switch between vertical and horizontal views based on how they’re being held — upward or sideways. This is made possible with the screen rotation feature that is activated on the device settings. Just like a document file in computers, smartphone displays also have two screen orientations referred to as portrait and