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iPhone Troubleshooting

My iPhone Won’t Send Emails. Here’s The Fix!


Are you trying to send an important message to someone via email but unable to do so because your iPhone won’t send emails? Learn why this error happens and find out how to fix this dreaded problem on your iPhone as you read further.  As technology expands and innovations are everywhere, electronic mail or email

iPhone Speaker Not Working? Here’s How You Fix It!

iphone speaker not working

An iPhone speaker not working issue can be mainly associated with a hardware defect. This could occur if you’ve accidentally dropped your phone and have incurred a physical strain. Faulty software updates could also trigger such issues to occur. Random bugs may attack certain functions like the speaker on your iPhone and may cause relevant

iPhone Facebook Keeps Crashing After iOS 13.3. Here’s The Fix!

Having an iPhone Facebook keeps crashing issue after installing the latest iOS version? Find out how you can possibly overcome this error by reading the contents of this article.  One of the most heavily used social media apps is Facebook. But that also means a lot of issues are reported for this specific app. Common

How Do I Delete iPhone Albums and Free Up Storage Space

Snapping out photos can be fun and exciting, especially if you’re using a great smartphone to take pictures like an iPhone. But doing this kind of stuff might consume space on your device, and you may need to delete iPhone albums to free up some storage space. Though, it’s going to be your decision if

I’m Stuck on iPhone Black Screen of Death. How do I fix this?

iphone won't turn on force restart

Did you recently open your phone but only see a black screen of death? This might be an indication that your smartphone is suffering from a tremendous error. You might think of rushing to the nearest service center in your area and get your device fixed. The iOS 13.3 update has been released recently and