iPhone SE2: Release Date, Rumors and News

The iPhone SE has seen some major popularity since it originally launched in 2016. Most smartphones and devices are getting larger and larger, with even Apple’s latest round of smartphones sitting at a base of 6.1-inches in size. For some folks, that’s really large and isn’t appealing for those that want a smaller size. That’s why Apple introduced the iPhone SE — a smaller, compact size iPhone only coming in at just 4-inches in size.

But let’s face it: the iPhone SE is getting old. It’s going on three years since its original launch now, and so, folks are eagerly awaiting Apple to launch a successor — the iPhone SE2. And you better believe that the rumors around the device are ample. So if you’re holding out for the new phone, be sure to follow along with us below — we’re going to show you everything that you need to know about the iPhone SE2, as well as the rumors and release date news circulating. Let’s get started.

iPhone SE2 Rumor Update 2/18/2020

  • A German source suggests that Apple will host a media event on the 31st of March and will launch the much-awaited successor to the iPhone SE on the 3rd of April.
  • This rumored event may also see the launch of other products like the rumored AirTags item trackers.
  • The iPhone SE 2 is also rumored to be known as the iPhone 9 when it is unveiled, although there’s no concrete information on this front.

iPhone SE2 Rumor Update 10/25/2019

Let’s face it: there have been conflicting reports on whether we will see an iPhone SE2 or not. However, rumors as of late indicate that we could see the iPhone SE2 in the first quarter of 2020, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The iPhone SE2, if rumors are to be believed, are actually going to be a mix between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 11. As far as design goes, Kuo says this could look more like the iPhone 8 than the original iPhone SE, which would be a welcome change. In a way, this would almost make it a successor to the iPhone 8 — the iPhone 9 we have been waiting for — in terms of design.

We’re expecting to see a larger 4.7-inch display, a home button, and no Face ID. We’re also expecting to see a single rear camera, instead of the dual-lens that the iPhone 11 has.

It sounds like internals are going to be similar to the recently launched iPhone 11. An iPhone SE2 would have a A13 Bionic chip, 3GB of RAM, as well as storage options in either 64GB or 128GB. It should come in space gray, silver and red.

Keeping internals at this level, removing Face ID, and having that single-lens camera should help Apple keep the cost low at a rumored $449. That would put the iPhone SE2 at a level that could compete with phones like the Google Pixel 3a.

iPhone SE2 Rumor Update 09/11/2019

the iPhone SE2 could live again in 2023

There has been a lot of indication that the iPhone SE2 is that Apple has killed the old-style 4-inch phone. However, a new report from Nikkei indicates that Apple isn’t happy with Huawei and Samsung dominating the mid-range market.

That said, Apple, in 2023, could be looking to start fighting for the mid-range market, especially as current phone sales start to decline. According to the report from Nikkei, this new iPhone SE will come with an LCD display, as well as “most of the same components” as the iPhone 11 this year.

The decision comes after a slight rough patch that Apple is going through. They reported their first-ever decline in shipments just last year, and recently lost their position of No. 2 smartphone maker to Huawei.

The 4-inch iPhone SE was priced at a competitive $399 in early 2016. Apple decided to cut the cord on the phone two years later in late 2018, after selling around 40 million units, at least according to Nikkei. Rumors right now state that Apple will need to price a new iPhone SE a little more aggressively — at around $299 — in order to compete in India.

We may never seen an iPhone SE again

To start off, it’s worth mentioning that we may never actually see an iPhone SE again. Ever since Apple launched the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, the iPhone SE has been essentially scrubbed from the Apple website. This indicates that the iPhone XR might be taking the iPhone SE’s affordability slot; however, it leaves a huge hole in Apple’s release lineup, leaving out the consumers that wish they had a smaller phone.

So yeah, don’t expect to see an iPhone SE2 in Apple Store anytime in the future — it looks like the iPhone XR is taking over that slot, and the next will likely be called the iPhone XR 2.

iPhone SE2 Release Date

Rumors we’re in full force last year, saying that we could see a new iPhone SE 2 at WWDC in 2018. However, the iPhone SE 2 never turned up at that event, leaving fans of the premium and compact smartphone in the dark.

That said, not long after, there was a little bit of hope — and that was 11 different Apple devices passing through the Eurasian Economic Commission database. The ECC database has shown off new Apple products that have come to launch before, namely the Apple AirPods, and usually shows us what we could get one to two months in the future.


A rumor followed that, indicating that the iPhone SE 2 was in mass production as of Q1 2018, indicating a September arrival. That, obviously wasn’t the case, with us getting the iPhone XR instead. Since then, there’s been absolutely no word on production or anything of the sort, which supports our suspicion that the iPhone SE line is done for.

That also follows up with a rumor that was circulating from analyst Mingi-Chi Kuo. He thought that Apple used up their development resources, launching three whole new phones as well as a new Apple Watch. Specifically, he said, “with three new models in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources.”

Suffice to say, it looks like there’s no iPhone SE 2 in the works at all, and we’re actually looking at an iPhone XR 2 here. Suffice to say, folks will likely be looking at a September launch for that, alongside at least another two iPhone models.

iPhone SE 2 Price

The iPhone SE was designed to be a premium and compact smartphone. That said, the original iPhone SE in 2016 launched at a meager $399 for the 16GB variant. That said, if there is an iPhone SE 2, we expect it to be at least a little more expensive, and for a couple of reasons.

One of those reasons is that Apple actually stopped producing 16GB and 32GB models altogether, leaving your minimum storage purchase at 64GB. That said, we expect the iPhone SE 2 to cost more from that standpoint alone. It’s also likely to be more expensive because of a revamped design, as well as new technology packed in it. However, if it is to launch, it’ll likely be more affordable than the iPhone XR, which sits at $749.

So, we could actually see something in between — possibly around $499 or $549, but we don’t have any concrete details there, obviously.

Will it be the iPhone SE 2 or the iPhone XR 2?

As we already mentioned, the iPhone SE 2 could be done for, with the iPhone XR 2 taking its place. That’s at least what all rumors are pointing to right now. And it does make sense, even if there is a group of Apple’s fan base that is going to be missing out on a compact device.

The reason it makes sense is that it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense that Apple would be running two budget phones at once. They would essentially be competing with themselves at this point, and could potentially lose out on the profitability on either one.

It really makes sense that Apple will simply run with the iPhone XR 2 here, especially after reports that — as of this year — it’s Apple’s best selling smartphone. People love the iPhone XR because it offers everything that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max flagships do, but in a cheaper package, even if it may have a downgraded camera.

That said, because of this insane success — and likely market test — it really is going to be the iPhone XR 2 that we see this year, over the iPhone SE 2.

The biggest difference that folks are going to see between the two phones is price and the display. The iPhone XR 2 will likely stay at its $749 price this time around. And, as we’ve been mentioning, Apple’s fans that have been looking forward to a “compact” phone will likely be upset with an iPhone XR 2. The original iPhone XR came in at 6.1-inches in screen size, and that’s not likely going to get any smaller. That’s a stark difference from the iPhone SE, which had a screen size of just 4-inches.

iPhone SE 2 Design

There haven’t been a whole lot of rumors as to what we could see with the iPhone SE 2’s Design, but we here at The Droid Guy have at least a couple of theories based on past launches.

The first theory is that the iPhone SE is actually going to see an iPhone X-like design. That’s because in 2018, Apple made sure that its entire phone lineup with completely uniform. From the affordable iPhone XR to the large screen iPhone XS Max, they all had the same design principles in tow — each with that glass construction, dual-camera setup (except for the XR), and the all-screen design with the Face ID module notch.

That’s likely the same thing that we will see in an iPhone SE 2. It’s not just a theory either — a video leak on popular Chinese social media platform Weibo indicates the same thing.

As you can see from the video above, the rumored iPhone SE 2 is sporting much of the same design principles that we saw in the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. You’ve got the all-screen design with the Face ID module on the front, the glass construction on the back, and then even the dual-camera found on the iPhone X. That’s a little different from the iPhone XR, which sported just a single-lens camera.

This report is further confirmed by a rumor from BGR. BGR was actually sent some sketches of what is supposed to be the iPhone SE 2, actually sporting the iPhone XS style design. The publication says these sketches come from a “reliable source” as well, though it’s still worth taking with a grain of salt. Still, the sketch shows that notch at the top, no home button and no headphone port, just like 2018’s iPhone models.

In addition, there has actually been some leaks of screen protectors that have been fitted for the new device, showing off the same design structure, with the cutout for the notch.

While this sounds nice and all, there’s something that’s at least a little out of place here, and that comes down to affordability. With this rumored phone featuring the iPhone X’s dual camera setup and the new screen, this means that, if it were an iPhone SE 2, it would actually be a lot more expensive. The original iPhone XR didn’t even get a dual camera in the name of affordability.

That said, this supposed iPhone SE 2 could very likely be an iPhone XR 2, despite what rumors are currently telling us.


Another leak that was found on social media platform Weibo lines more up with the possibility of an iPhone SE 2. You can see the phone in the image above. This lines more up with what we think an iPhone SE would look like. It actually seems to share some design principles with the iPhone 5S, aside from what appears to be a glass back.  That would allow for something like wireless charging to take place here as well.

Of course, that’s if we’re going to see an iPhone SE 2 at all. It seems with every rumor that appears on the Web, an iPhone SE 2 looks less and less possible, actually looking more like an iPhone XR 2 than anything.

Update on design 10/01/2019

If the iPhone 11 phones are any indication of Apple’s future design guidelines, the iPhone SE 2 could very well share design principles. If we had to imagine, if Apple was focused on cost and a smaller phone overall, it would likely look like the leaked video above.

We imagine that the iPhone SE 2 is going to have the Face ID module on a smaller display. We don’t know that it will have that dual-camera lens if Apple is billing it as a more affordable smartphone, but it wouldn’t be out of this world to see a similar setup to the iPhone 11.

Would we actually like to see an iPhone SE 2?

We actually would not be too sad if Apple ditched the iPhone SE 2 altogether. The iPhone SE, at the time, was a nice addition to a line of smartphones that was getting more and more expensive. However, now with the iPhone XR 2 here, an iPhone SE 2 just doesn’t make sense. The iPhone XR 2 fits that affordability section well.

The fans of an iPhone SE are going to be disappointed as far as price and screen size goes; however, screen size isn’t really that big of an issue we think. That’s because, with the new line of iPhone models,  the screen isn’t actually too large at all. It fits really well in the hand, even if it appears that it’s larger.

Now, there is a noticeable difference between a 4-inch display and a 6.1-inch display, but again, because of the lack of bezels, that difference isn’t too bad at all.

Price might not end up being too bad either. While an iPhone XR 2 is likely to sport the same price as the original iPhone XR, Apple will likely offer tons of different incentives, as they are currently, to make it cheaper. There are tons of current trade-in offers that allow you to get all the way up to $500 off of an iPhone XR, putting the device around $249, depending on what you’re trading in.

That said, we don’t think Apple not releasing an iPhone SE 2 would be too bad. As time goes on, people are adopting larger screens and are entirely OK with it. Many of them even turn out to love it.

An iPhone SE 2 just doesn’t make sense

At this point, an iPhone SE 2 just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Apple. As we have mentioned a few times already, the iPhone SE 2’s slot has essentially been filled by the iPhone XR. It just wouldn’t make sense to have two budget phones.

Because of this, it isn’t likely that an iPhone SE 2 would be popular. Sure, there would be a small group of fans that would love the iPhone SE 2, but for the most part, it would never hit the sales records that the iPhone XR is currently breaking. Apple wants to continue that success, which is why an iPhone XR 2 makes a whole lot more sense here.

Design, performance, and battery

However, if we are to see an iPhone SE 2, there are a few improvements that we would really like to see in it. The first is that, even if it makes it a tad more expensive, we’d like to see Apple keep the uniformity between its devices, and give the iPhone SE 2 a similar design to 2018’s iPhones, or at least with the new iPhone models coming out this year.

Naturally, we would like to see some better performance in the iPhone SE 2 this time around as well. One of the aspects that’s really nice about the iPhone SE is that it had similar specifications to the iPhone 6S packed in that small package. Suffice to say, we don’t think it would be too far fetched of an idea to see an iPhone SE 2 have some similar hardware to the iPhone X or at least an iPhone XR today.

And of course, the number one thing that’s always on our bucket list — a bigger battery. A bigger battery might mean a slightly larger iPhone SE 2; however, that means there would be less worry about having to keep it on the charger. You wouldn’t have to worry about things like the Apple AirPods or Apple Watch draining it too fast either.


As you can see, there are a lot of rumors surrounding the iPhone SE 2 right now. There are some mixed rumors and confusion surrounding what it will actually be, whether we’re looking at an iPhone SE 2 or iPhone XR 2. It is likely to be the latter, if 2018’s release schedule was anything to go by; however, we just won’t know for sure about anything until an official confirmation from Apple.

We didn’t hear anything from Apple during the iPhone 11 announcement about an iPhone SE 2, likely because Apple is really banking on its iPhone XR successor right now — the iPhone 11. So, if we are to hear about an iPhone SE 2 — which is rumored to launch next year — it would likely be in the next few months.

What would you like to see in the iPhone SE 2? Would you like to see an iPhone SE 2 at all? Let us know in the comments section below!