What To Do iPhone 8 Wont Download And Install App Updates

Hello Apple fans! This troubleshooting article will address issues regarding the #iPhone8. We bring you four common iPhone 8 issues in this one so hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

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Below are specific topics we’re bringing for you today:

What To Do iPhone 8 Wont Download And Install App Updates

Problem #1: iPhone 8 Plus won’t charge by cable, headphone won’t work when connected

When my iPhone 8 Plus completely dies and you plug it in to charge with the cable, it charges to 2% and just stops charging. Then if I put it on a wireless charger it charges as normal. I let it charge to 10% ish then it has enough battery to do a hard reset. I do the hard reset and then plug the cable charger back in and it charges as normal.

As well as this I have problems with the headphones. I plug them in they work for a minute or so then the music plays out loud as though there is no headphones in. The phone is only 7 months old.

Solution: There’s probably a problem with your iPhone’s charging port. Such a problem can be hardware malfunction or defect, or something caused by a software bug. To see if you can fix it on your level, try to factory reset it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a backup of your personal data to the cloud (iTunes will probably not work as well).
  2. Open Settings app.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap Reset.
  5. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  6. If prompted, enter your passcode.
  7. Tap Erase iPhone.

Once you’ve factory reset the device, set it up again as a new device (not from a backup) and check for the problems. Make sure not to add any app during this period. Since both concerns are most likely related, both should either continue to persist or go away. If they’re gone, that means an app or an operating system bug must be causing them.

If your Iphone’s charging port remains problematic though, that means that the problem is hardware in nature. In this case, you want to contact Apple so they can repair or replace the phone.

Problem #2: What to do if  iPhone 8 Plus is overheating

Two new iPhone 8 plus left side near the home button gets really hot when device is in use as soon as I start to use it. The other parts of the phone however is normal temperature. I’ve restart a few times, reset settings, check for new iOS update, take off background refresh app, close apps that was open, check the apps with most used battery%, nothing help.

Solution: An iPhone 8 is supposed to get warm after using it for some time. This is normal especially if it’s doing some heavy tasks such as gaming, video calling, video editing, or even streaming videos. Allow the phone to cool off for at least an hour by turning it off before using it again.

If the phone continues to overheat even when you’re not doing anything, or even if there’s no active app being used, that’s a different story entirely. That may be a sign of a hardware issue. The iPhone 8 is a relatively powerful device and can process heavy tasks without getting too warm. If that’s not what’s happening though, something must be wrong with it. Like the troubleshooting step above, we suggest that you factory reset the phone and observe how it works after wiping it. If it continues to get too warm or overheat after a factory reset, take that as a sign of bad hardware.

Problem #3: What to do if iPhone 8 won’t download and install app updates

Good day!  I had a problem regarding the endless waiting status of downloading & updating my apps. So here’s what I did i clicked update all apps and then afterwards I can’t connect to the app store and progress my download. I tried restarting and turning off my iphone 6 but still didn’t work so I decided to do factory reset but it still not working. The default apps state as waiting even though in the past when I do reset all settings it id downloaded already and in addition to that I can’t also sign in to the iTunes store. I ‘ve also try connecting to the other networks as what I search google advice but still no luck. Please help me with my problem. Thank you.

Solution: If you are unable to install updates for apps and can’t sign in to App Store, that means you may have an Apple account issue. Apps are associated to an Apple account so if that account becomes inactive, blocked, or suspended, you will not be able to update apps linked to that account. Make sure that your Apple account used to download the apps is working.

To check if your Apple is working, try to see if you can sign in to your Apple account in this page. If you have trouble signing in, then you have to address the sign in issue first. Once you’ve resolved your account issue, sign back in to your iPhone8 in order to update your apps.

If you can’t fix your Apple account issue and you won’t be able to sign in, apps associated to that account will never be updated. Try to use another Apple account and use it download apps.

Problem #4: Water-damaged iPhone 8 can’t be detected by iTunes or computer

My wife had dropped her phone in a lake about a month ago, while she was on vacation.  She didn’t know enough to shut the phone off after finding it under water for 40 minutes.  And she was charging it daily, even though there was obvious water vapor in the screen. It continued to get worse and worse, with her losing different functions, besides have the digitized screen displaying fuzzy. She tried keeping it in a bag of rice.  I was able to order DampRid, an anhydrous calcium chloride white pellets/flakes to absorb the moisture out of the phone, for a week with the front case apart from the back case for a week. More and more, functions and the display improved, where the only thing that she wasn’t getting was any sound from playing musing or playing videos.  I had ordered a loudspeaker board for it. I had dismantled the entire phone, sealed in an airtight container with DampRid for another week, while I waited for the loudspeaker board to arrive. I went to put it back together again, with the new loudspeaker board. Yet I broke the cable to the existing battery. So, I end up ordering 3 different replacement batteries, with the last one being an OEM Apple battery, instead of other knock off Chinese batteries.  All three times, the Apple logo appears, then eventually the Home Screen appears after putting in the unlock code. Yet, the battery indicator only reaches 1%, even though I had cleaned out the different circuitry with isopropyl alcohol and toothbrush and cotton swabs. I’ve tried doing soft resets, and also hard resets with the phone connected to a laptop with iTunes signed in and authorized. The hard reset doesn’t give any window alerts in iTunes, where it doesn’t seem to detect the phone being connected to the laptop.  Nor, can I see it under File/Devices. I’m at a loss. Please help. Thanks.

Solution: Aside from other hardware components you replaced, water damage must have also affected the charging port. Try replacing it with a new one and see what happens. The symptoms you mention are consistent with a defective charging port so doing any software solution won’t help in this situation at all.