iPhone 7 Stuck Boot Loop After Screen Replacement

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iPhone 7 Boot Loop Stuck After Screen Replacement

Problem #1: iPhone 7 stuck in boot loop after screen replacement

A drop caused the glass screen to break, so I replaced with a digitizer screen with all components, except I swapped the home button to keep touch of function. Now when the phone turns on it reboots several times, then starts up but will not stay on & starts again. Battery indicator shows 1% sometimes and 100% sometimes and does not recognize when charger connected. Also ringer volume does not work, no sound. Home button and touch of do work. Wi-Fi works but phone reboots when attempting to run an app.

Solution: When do-it-yourself repair causes problems afterwards, it’s hard for us to know where the problem may lie. Apple devices follows a set of hardware parameters in order to boot up. If there’s an incompatible or defective hardware added to the system, that may cause an error to the system while booting up. This results to what we call boot loop — the phone appears to boot up but won’t start normally at all. Try to bring the device to an independent repair center so a professional can examine the hardware. If the issue is as simple as fixing a short or bad solder, you may get a working iPhone in no time. If you’re unlucky and the issue can’t be identified at all, you may end up with a total brick.

Problem #2: What to do if iPhone 7 Plus won’t boot up after accidental drop to water

Hey! like a month back I was on vacation and I dropped my iPhone 7 Plus next to the pool coming from the beach. it fell face down and previously had a replacement screen. The phone took no water damage but it was unresponsive at first. after a couple seconds the apple logo popped up but it was stuck in an apple loop. I luckily brought my Mac and put my phone in recovery and dfu mode to restore it but got an error message three times they were 4005, 4009, 4013. if i’m not mistaken, now it just shows the connect to iTunes logo and I have no idea what it could be maybe the sensor or battery. Thank you in advance for the help.

Solution: iTunes error like the ones you’re getting (4005, 4009, 4013) may be indicators that the charging port is damaged or non-functional. Make sure that the entire device is dried properly by letting it sit in room temperature for at least 24 hours. If it got wet by seawater before, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water, then wipe it dry with clean, soft cloth. Afterwards, gently shake the phone to remove excess moisture or water in the charging port. Water naturally evaporates in room temperature so leave the phone for about 24 hours. This should let the charging port dry naturally. Alternatively, you can let a professional dry the phone for you using specialized equipment. After the phone has been dried, you can then try to update it again thru DFU Mode.

Keep in mind that the most that you can do in this case is to attempt a DFU restore. If that won’t work still, or if the iTunes error returns, that means that your phone must have suffered a fatal hardware damage. It was previously repaired to its built-in water-resistance protection was already compromised. It’s possible that water may have seeped inside causing motherboard damage. In this case, there’s little to nothing that you can do. Corrosion may eventually set in and the logic board will most likely degrade in a few weeks or months. To see if the system has been water damaged, let an independent technician examine the device.

Problem #3: iPhone 7 camera not as good as Microsoft phone

After reading reams of information about the great iPhone 7’s camera I decided to shelve my Microsoft phone and buy one. Sadly I wish I had kept my old phone as the photos I am getting from the iPhone are not in the same ball park as the Microsoft, whose photos inside or out were always really clear..i.e mountain ranges etc. Anything a foot or two away with the iPhone 7 seems fine but landscapes are always a little blurred and certainly not what I expected. I have searched for answers to this problem and tried the vast amount of advice given, but the results are just the same.  To say I’m disappointed after paying so much for this much vaunted device would have to be the understatement of the year. April May. PS I hate the home button, it’s not good for older fingers.

Solution: We don’t think there’s any problem here at all. We’re sorry to hear iPhone 7’s camera output does not satisfy your standards but as far as we’re concerned, there’s really nothing much that you can do about it. We’re pretty much satisfied with how iPhone 7’s camera takes photos (in our opinion). To see if you can improve the situation, try to find tips in the internet how to take good photos using your iPhone 7. There are many excellent blogs that offer easy to do suggestions to taking images using this device. We’re here for iPhone troubleshooting and issue resolution.

If you think Apple’s iPhone 7 is sloppy, we suggest that you contact them directly so you can provide feedback and product improvement suggestions.

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