Why is my Apple iPhone 7 stuck on Apple logo and boot loops? [Troubleshooting Guide]

Majority if not all owners of the latest iOS devices like the iPhone 7/7 Plus may not be expecting this problem to occur at a very early stage, but it can happen and is actually happening now. The problem on an iPhone 7 stuck on the Apple logo or does not boot up completely usually occurs when jailbreaking, updating software, or restoring iOS. You’re probably reading this post because you too are facing the same dilemma and need help in getting your new iPhone past the Apple logo and function as it should.

If by any chance, you are dealing with the exact same issue on the same device, then do not despair yet. There are still some things you can do in order to get it fixed. And this post might be able to help you out.
After installing update or restoring iOS on the iPhone 7, what you see on the screen is a white Apple logo with a progress bar below it. The progress bar appears to be moving very slow or not moving at all. It seems to be normal in the first few moments but if you’re still in the same screen after 30 minutes or so, that’s already different story. Apparently, something went wrong with your new iPhone and that means you have to do something so as to get it fixed.

Diagnose an iPhone 7 that is stuck on the Apple logo or boot loop?

Something has changed in your iPhone’s start-up routine and that is likely the main reason why it does not work anymore. As a result, your iPhone can’t get past the Apple logo nor reach the Home screen.

When your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo or boot loops, it means that something went wrong during the start-up thus your iPhone cannot continue to boot up to the Home screen. There is something in the iPhone system that is preventing it from completing the start-up process. And to fix the problem, you will need to determine the root cause beforehand.

Your iPhone would normally start up by turning its processor, performing memory check, setting up components and preparing each app to carry out certain tasks based on your input commands. All these happen automatically in the background as you see the Apple logo on your iPhone display. However for some reasons, the usual routine is halted and so your iPhone is stuck on the same screen.

Considering the fact that your device is still attempting to boot up and reach the Home screen, you can eliminate the possibility of certain apps causing you this trouble. So if the problem is not triggered by faulty apps, then what is halting your device from completing the start-up process?

To answer this question, I have listed a rundown of the widely known culprits as follow:

Step 1. Jailbreaking iPhone 7

This is when you do something to remove software restrictions, which are originally implemented by Apple on your iPhone’s operating system. In short, jailbreaking your iPhone is one way to obtain root access to the iOS file, allowing you to download and install more apps, extensions, and themes that the App Store does not offer.

Although users can benefit from jailbreaking, sometimes they would end up facing problems, especially when something went wrong during jailbreaking process or when it was not properly completed. This is the reason why jailbreaking an iPhone is not recommended even if it is legal.

Step 2. Erroneous updates and iOS restore

Your iPhone can also end up in the same state when upgrading software or performing iOS restore and then something went wrong while in the middle of the process. When iOS updates or system restores are interfered, software corruption usually transpires. As a matter of fact, several users with their iPhone stuck on the Apple logo have found a linked between the main issue and corrupted software from erroneous or incomplete software upgrades and iOS restore.

Software updates or system restores can be halted when some programs in the computer like a security suite butts in as it considers your iPhone a potential threat since the computer recognizes it as just another external device attached to it. Usually when this happens, your iPhone gets into recovery mode in which it would tell you to Connect to iTunes. But there also times when your device gets stuck on the Apple logo for this reason.

Step 3. Data transfers

Transferring of files from other sources to your iPhone 7 without knowing that these files contain some bugs is also one reason as to why you end up having a new iPhone that is stuck on the Apple logo. That bug must have prevented the device from doing its usual routine and so it can’t complete the start-up process.

Aside from bugs, data transfer can also put your iPhone into a boot loop or get stuck on the Apple logo especially if you are using a computer. When you connect your iPhone to the computer, it will be recognized as an external device. This means that lots of other software can interfere during the crucial moments of file transfers between the two devices. For example, an antivirus installed on your computer steps in and forcibly stops the data transfer. If this happens, iTunes won’t have a choice but to abort the process. This then results to an incomplete data transfer, which can likewise cause corruption of data. And corrupt files can also affect your iPhone’s overall function.

Step 4. Faulty hardware

Hardware damage can also cause the same problem to occur on your iPhone. This is because both the software and hardware collaborate to complete the start-up process. During the start-up, your iPhone checks in with its hardware. So if something is wrong with the hardware, then most likely the software won’t be able to continue its usual operation. What it will do is to just wait until the hardware will respond properly.

How to fix the problem on iPhone 7 boot loops or stuck on the Apple logo?

The solution to this problem may vary depending on what causes your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo or boot loop. Below is a rundown of all possible solutions and recommended workarounds you can try on. You may opt to pick a method that is most applicable to your situation or try them all.

Step 1. Perform a hard reset

Although most cases of an iPhone stuck on this state were not resolved by a hard reset, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try on your end this time. Do this especially if this is the first time you encounter the problem. To hard reset your iPhone 7, press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds then release them when the Apple logo appears. If that doesn’t work, then proceed to the next applicable solution.

Step 2. Temporarily disable security software on the computer

If your iPhone 7 gets stuck on the Apple logo while attempting to transfer files, upgrade software or restore iOS, then try to disable security software on the computer. As mentioned earlier, problems on data transfers triggered by security tools are among the possible reasons as to why your iPhone is stuck in the same state.

Step 3. Check and ensure no damage to the USB cables and USB ports

Data transfer can also be interfered when using defective USB cables and USB ports for both devices to establish connection. This can possibly corrupt your iPhone’s software. If necessary, you can try switching between available cables or connect your iPhone 7 to a different USB port.

Step 4. Use alternative solutions or iOS recovery tools

Seeing the rise of user complaints regarding various iPhone issues including the stuck problem, software companies are rolling out some tools designed to address the existing issues. You can resort to these tools while waiting for Apple to rollout an official fix patch, especially if the problem is caused by a faulty iOS update.

Tenorshare’s Reiboot software is among the widely used and highly preferred iOS recovery tools that will serve such purpose. You can get these tools from the App Store either through purchase or free download.

Step 5. Perform a DFU restore

DFU stands for default firmware update. It’s considered the deepest type of system restore in iPhones. The difference between DFU mode and Recovery mode restore is that DFU will completely load your iPhone’s firmware, not just the software. Firmware refers to a program structure that controls how the hardware works on your iPhone. Software, on the other hand, refers to the applications that are installed on your iPhone 7. Firmware seldom changes but software changes more often.

Important Notes:

  • Restoring your iPhone in DFU mode may cause your iPhone to become fully dysfunctional especially if the process is interrupted or not completed. Performing DFU mode restore is not recommended especially if the iPhone has hardware damage.
  • A damaged component can prevent the restore from completing, thereby causing your iPhone software to become corrupted. So instead of having just a minor problem, it may end up getting worst if a DFU restore fails due to hardware damage.

If you are willing to take the risks and would want to try a DFU Mode restore on your iPhone 7, then here’s how it’s done:

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer.
  • On your computer, open iTunes.
  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for 8 seconds.
  • After 8 seconds, release the Power button but continue to hold the Volume Down button.
  • When iTunes prompts you with the message saying that “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode,” release the Volume Down button.

If your iPhone 7 screen becomes completely black after performing the previous step, it means that you have successfully entered DFU mode. You may then proceed with iPhone restore through iTunes. Otherwise, you will have to go back from the start.

Contact Apple Support/Carrier for other recommendations

So you have done all workarounds and potential solutions suggested in this post but still your iPhone 7 remain stuck on the Apple logo or boot loop. If none of these methods helps, then you should contact Apple Support or your iPhone carrier to escalate the issue and ask for other options. You may also opt to avail for iPhone warranties especially if you are eligible.

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