iPhone 7 Only Right Speaker Working

Is your iPhone 7 having an only right speaker working problem? Read this post and learn how to fix the issue.

With the #Apple #iPhone7 made available in several markets a lot of people now have their hands on this latest phone model. This device is powered by the latest A10 Fusion processor that makes the phone perform twice as fast as the iPhone 6 yet consumes less power. Apple has also designed this phone to have dual speakers making it deliver stereo quality sound. One of our readers however is having a sound related problem as only the right speaker is working. Let’s take a look at this issue and analyze it further.


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iPhone 7 Only Right Speaker Working

Problem: I just bought the iPhone 7 but i was wondering if there is a speaker on the left side or not? I have noticed that only the right side works.

Solution:  The iPhone 7 has two speakers however they are not positioned on the left and right bottom part of the phone. The right side houses one of the speakers. This why you can hear the sound coming out of it. The left side however does not house a speaker. This where the barometric vent is located. What this component does is it equalizes the internal and atmospheric pressure to get a more accurate altimeter reading,

Now, the location of the second speaker is at the top part. The phone uses the earpiece speaker as a second loudspeaker. This is a different earpiece speaker from the previous iPhone models and is an upgraded one since it will complete the stereo sound effect of the phone.

We hope that we have clarified this matter.

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  1. hello,

    I have 2 iPhone 2 one of them the sound so low. I don’t even feel the vibrations of the sound on that one. so do you have any idea? what is the wrong with my devices?


  2. Thank you for this informative article. Was wondering why only the right side was playing music on my brand new phone. What a relief!

  3. that may be the case but try getting stereo sound out of their new adaptor for AUX – its impossible.!

  4. I just bought the iPhone 7
    I have noticed that only the right side speaker works.
    left speaker is not working

    thank you

  5. I also have the same issue with my iPhone 7 plus, only the right speaker works, I thought it developed a fault after inserting it into a bucket full of water, but this article made me to understand that that’s how it was made. Thank you for the information

  6. Now i have been purchased iphone 7 with IOS 10 version OS….and also am new in using iOS ….And am facing a big problem that i cant download any file (like: music, video, pdf etc) from its safari browser and also when am trying to download a music file on its browser its only play automatically but their is no option for download..plzz help me…

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