How To Fix iPhone 7 Plus iOS 13 Software Update Failed

To be able to experience and enjoy new features that the new iOS 13 is offering, you are required to download and update your iPhone device to the latest software. Although there are instances wherein updating to the latest software can fail. There are a few reasons why this is happening. Reasons such as slow or weak WiFI connection, problems with Apple server, or your iPhone 7 plus does not have enough storage space to accommodate the new software and at times your device just needs a simple reboot.

Luckily, despite the causes of update failed on your device, there are also potential solutions available that might help fix the problem related to software update. Read on below to find out how.



As with any issues related to your Apple device, the very first thing to do before doing some troubleshooting on the device is to check whether there are technical issues with Apple Servers. Apple has a webpage which is the  Apple System Status that provides you details on the current status of a particular service that Apple is offering. 

In this case, on the website you may check whether iOS update is experiencing some technical issues. If so, then there is not much that you can about it for now and simple wait for Apple to fix it. The good thing about that is that now you know that iOS update servers are down and it is not on your device that’s causing the problem.

However, if iOS software update is not having some technical issues it will be highlighted in green and simply means that it is available. Given that, it’s pretty obvious that you need to proceed and do some troubleshooting on your device to fix the problem on software update failed.

But if on the System Status page that FaceTime is highlighted in green it simply means that it is Available and not having some problems on their end. This means that you should probably do some troubleshooting on your device instead to help fix the problem. 


Whenever you are having problems updating your iPhone 7 plus to the latest software, a simple restart of your device can sometimes help fix. This is by far the easiest and simplest method that actually helps fix most of the issues relating to iPhone and Apple devices for that matter. Restarting simply means turning your device OFF and turning in ON again.

How to restart iPhone:

  1. Press and hold the Power Button. The power button is located at the right side of your device.
  2. Wait for “Slide to power off” command to appear. 
  3. Slide the command from left to right to Power OFF device 
  4. After approximately 2-3 minutes, Turn ON device again by pressing the Power Button.
  5. Try to update to the latest software and see if the problem is resolved. 


It is highly possible that you are having problems with updating your software is probably because of your WiFi connection. You need to be connected to a Wifi connection to be able to download and install a new update. Although data network is also possible, but not recommended as updating requires a strong and reliable signal and only a WiFi connection can usually provide that requirement. Trying to update a software using a weak and unreliable signal strength can affect the download process. 

  1. On your WiFi Router, make sure that it is turned ON
  2. Then, Switch OFF  router about  at least 5-10 minutes.
  3. Switch ON router and connect your iPhone to the WiFi.
  4. Make sure to input the correct WiFi password to be able to log in.
  5. Once connected, try to check the signal strength. The WiFi signal strength is located at the upper left portion of your iPhone device just beside the cellular network name.
  6. If the WiFi you are connected to is not having a full signal or the connection is not stable, try to connect to another WiFi network
  7. Update software again and see if it resolves the problem of iPhone 7 plus software update failed to iOS13.


There are times when you want to update to the latest software and suddenly you can’t do so, the possible reason for this is that perhaps there is not enough storage left on your device. As well know, updating to the latest software also uses up a space on your iPhone device. Thereby there must be a space allotted for the software to be able to successfully update your device. When updating and you suddenly received a prompt message “Resume Download”. This also means that during the download process, the server has detected that your device does not have enough storage space to accommodate the software.

How to check for available storage space:

  1. Go to Settings from the Home Screen
  2. Tap on About
  3. Scroll down the list and look for the Available tab.. You will see the available storage space left on your device.

Free up some storage space when necessary:

  1. Go to Settings from the Home Screen
  2. then , tap on iPhone Storage
  3. You may start to delete the apps that you are no longer using or are no longer necessary. 

Because as we all know, unlike with other cellphones we can not insert a memory card in increase the storage space of our device. It does not work that way. So to free up some additional space, you need to delete apps and data. Or might as well have a back up of these data and contents before deleting them.


When the above mentioned fixes did not resolve the issue with software failed to update on iPhone 7 plus, the next thing to do is to Reset Network Settings. Do not worry  because these does not delete all data and contents, it will only delete all saved password and brings back settings back to default. Sometimes iPhone issues are caused by settings that are not functioning or not properly configured and just needs a reset. Before doing the steps below, make sure to have your passwords in handy as you will be using it later on after reset.

How to Reset Network Settings

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen
  2. Scroll down from the list of options and tap on Reset
  3. Next, tap on Reset All Settings
  4. Enter Device Passcode if required to confirm action
  5. Restart iPhone Device to apply changes
  6. Try to update to the latest software and see if the problem is resolved.


Another method used to download and install the latest software of your iPhone is using iTunes, it is a software on your PC made by Apple to manage all Apple Devices. Whenever the fix above did not help, try to update again but this time via iTunes. 

How to update software using iTunes:

  1. Download the latest iTunes and install on your personal computer. 
  2. Once the latest iTunes is already installed, connect your iPhone 7 plus device to the personal computer using the correct USB cord.
  3. Wait for iTunes to recognize your device.
  4. Now, select your iPhone device from iTunes
  5. Then, click on the Summary tab
  6. Next, select and click on Check for updates. Apple servers will now search for available software.
  7. Click on Update. 
  8. When download and installation has begun, do not in any way remove or disconnect your iPhone from the personal computer as this will disrupt the ongoing update. 

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