iPhone 7 Plus Earpiece Speaker More Quieter Than Bottom Speaker

When #Apple introduced the #iPhone7Plus the company showed one feature missing in other iPhone models and that is a new stereo speaker system. This new model uses two speaker to produce a stereo sound which the company claims is twice as loud as the sound generated by the iPhone 6S. One of our readers however is having an issue with the device as it seems that the sound isn’t balanced. The earpiece speaker of the phone is more quieter than the bottom speaker. Let’s take a look at this issue.


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iPhone 7 Plus Earpiece Speaker More Quieter Than Bottom Speaker

Problem: In the device field, I selected “older devices”, but this isn’t true. I actually have an iPhone 7 Plus, and since you guys don’t have that as an option I selected older devices since it’s closest to selecting “other”.  The problem I’m having is that the earpiece speaker is quieter than the bottom speaker. I’ve checked the audio balance in settings (settings > general > accessibility) and it’s in the middle, and I’ve also restarted my phone (held the down volume and power/sleep buttons) and completely turned it off and back on to see if that’d help anything, but it hasn’t. I’ve also tried turning mono on and off to see if it could possibly be the earpiece channel, but it wasn’t and nothing I’ve tried has fixed it. In addition, I’ve flipped the phone over to see if it was just my ears, but it is definitely quieter than the bottom speaker.  I’m going to contact Apple sometime next week, I just wanted to see what you guys thought.  iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Black, iOS version 10.1.1

Solution: For the general user there will be no noticeable difference between the sound generated by the top and bottom speakers. If you listed to it closely though you will notice that the bottom speaker will be slightly louder than the top speaker. The reason behind this is that the top speaker is different as it serves as an earpiece as well while the bottom speaker is a dedicated loudspeaker. Since both speakers are of a different model then they will have different sound reproducing abilities as well.

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  1. I’m so glad I read this because I noticed the same thing. When I first bought my iPhone 7 plus, I noticed how much louder the overall sound was. Then I dropped it one day and I guess I was just simply paying way more attn to the audio quality than before and noticed the earpiece speaker wasn’t as loud abs the bottom one. Then I wondered if it’s because I dropped the phone or if that’s just how it is naturally. It doesn’t make sense why apple would setup the speaker system in this way because to an audiophile like myself it sounds a bit unbalanced 🙄 But after reading this all my questions have been answered. Hopefully apple will increase the volume on the earpiece speaker to match the bottom loudspeaker for some balance. I hope….

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