iPhone 7 No Sound On Speaker

Dealing with an iPhone 7 no sound on speaker issue? Take time to read this post and find out how to fix it.

Lately we have been receiving several issues from our readers concerning the speaker of their #Apple #iPhone7. We all know that this phone is advertised as having a stereo speaker system meaning that it uses two speakers. The phone does indeed have two speakers but it’s not what some of you might have expected. Let’s take a look at some of the issues of this nature sent our way.

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iPhone 7 No Sound On Speaker

Problem: Ok so I have a iPhone 7 256gb brand new been about a month and where the front facing camera is the speaker works but then the bottom left does not the right one works but only the top and right work is this a faulty phone or something as I do plan on making a visit to the Apple Store during the week

Related Problem: I can’t hear from the left bottom speaker on the iPhone 7. Are we supposed or not.. what it is for pls explain. Thanks

Related Problem: I just got an iPhone 7 three days back. The speakers were in a good condition but then suddenly today the volume of the music went down and after noticing the problem I found out that the left side of the speaker is not working. Is there a problem with the speakers? Or is it the barometer doing its work as mention in your earlier forum. Should I get help or just roll with it.

Related Problem: I have just bought my iphone but i recognized that just the right speaker is working i want to know is there any left side speaker in it?? Or there is a problem with my iphone7?!! Thank you

Solution: The iPhone 7 has a unique way of delivering a stereo sound quality. The phone uses a standard speaker which is located on the right side of the device and the earpiece speaker. The earpiece speaker is slightly weaker than the standard speaker however the imbalance in the stereo sound quality generated by the phone is indistinguishable at a range of greater than 4 feet from the phone.

You might be wondering what that grill on the left side of the phone is for now that it isn’t used for the second speaker. This actually houses the barometric vent which is used to equalize the internal and atmospheric pressures in order to have an accurate altimeter.

So if you are wondering why the left side grill has no sound coming out of it, it’s because it doesn’t have a speaker.

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