iPhone 7 “An error occurred during activation” for iMessage and Facetime

Having an activation error for iMessage or FaceTime can be a tiresome affair and that’s exactly what’s happening to one of our #iPhone7 users here. If you’re looking for answers how to go about a  particular activation error like “An error occurred during activation,” we have a set of solutions for you.

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Today’s problem: iPhone 7 “An error occurred during activation” for iMessage and Facetime

Hey, I have just changed my number from old to new one. I was trying to reactivet my few apps. For which I needed OTP. But I am not getting any single messages. I tried every single solution to reactivet iMessage and FaceTime but nothing happend. Even thou I reset my network setting. But still I got pop up that “an error occurred during activation. Try again.” I reboot my phone as well. Sign out and sign in 10 times but still same problem is coming. Request you to please resolve this problem. Regards. Nikita Saxena

How to troubleshoot “An error occurred during activation” error on your iPhone 7

There’s a number of possible reasons why you encounter activation error for iMessage and/or FaceTime. The most common reason though is when you changed carriers, or if you upgraded from an older iPhone. Activation errors can take the form of any of the following:

  • Waiting for activation
  • Activation unsuccessful
  • An error occurred during activation
  • Could not sign in, please check your network connection

To fix your problem, there’s a number of logical troubleshooting steps that you must do to eliminate possibilities. Just like in any troubleshooting, make sure to

Solution #1: Verify Time and date settings on your iPhone are correct

If your phone has incorrect time and date, Apple servers may not be able to process the activation properly. Make sure that your iPhone 7 uses correct time and date by doing the following steps:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Date and time.
  4. Enable Set Automatically.

Solution #2: Check if wifi or cellular data connection is working

iMessage and Facetime needs good and stable internet connection to establish a link with Apple servers properly. If you have intermittent cellular connection, or if your iPhone is connected to a very slow wifi network, it may not be able to have a solid connection to Apple.

We recommend that you use cellular data during activation as sometimes, wifi may lead to other errors like the ones mentioned above.

If you are in a poorly covered area, try moving to a place with good cellular coverage first. Once you’ve established that you have a stable mobile data and a good speed, try to reactivate iMessage and Facetime again.

You may need to restart your iPhone too before attempting to reactivate.

Solution #3: Restart iMessage and Facetime

Another trick that you can try when encountering an error during activation is to toggle iMessage and Facetime. To do that, just go under Settings > Messages and turn off iMessage. To turn off FaceTime, go to Settings > FaceTime and toggle FaceTime off. Once both apps are off, restart your iPhone, then turn both apps back on.


Solution #4: Install latest updates

One of the known reasons why activation of some Apple services won’t work is due to outdated software. Make sure that your device has the latest available iOS version.

To check if there’s an available iOS update, go to Settings > General > Software Update.


Solution #5: Verify if iMessage is enabled

Both iMessage and FaceTime uses the same Apple servers so if one is down, the other may be down too. To do that, try to check iMessage on another iPhone, iPad, or Mac. iMessage rarely encounters server problems that result to loss of service but it’s worth checking.

If you’ve already established that there’s no iMessage issue at all, you can then check if it’s enabled or not in your iPhone. To do that, just go to Settings > Messages and ensure that the slider is all the way to the right. If iMessage is off, just turn it back on. This will initiate a reactivation request, though it may reach up to 24 hours to get a positive response.

Solution #6: Contact your carrier

In some cases, carriers may be the reason why iMessage or Facetime won’t activate. To ensure that you have everything covered, let your carrier know about the issue, especially since you said you recently changed your number. There may be some limiting conditions on their end that prevents iMessage and FaceTime from being activated. Also, make sure that your iPhone can receive SMS. If it can’t send or receive SMS, it’s most likely won’t be able to connect via cellular data as well. That, in turn, can cause activation problems with Apple.

By calling your carrier, you also want to know if there’s any carrier-specific updates that you need to install on your phone to activate iMessage and FaceTime. Only them can provide the answers.

Solution #7: Contact Apple support

Finally, if all else fails, you must ask assistance from Apple. You’re having problems with their services so it’s only logical that you get direct help from them. Assuming that you’ve already tried everything, including anything that your carrier has done, the problem may be account specific.